Watching live births (cue screaming!)


My current obsession

In the last couple of weeks, ever since Mr Nester and I decided properly that we would try this year for a baby, I’ve been watching a lot of baby shows. Reading a lot of baby books. A lot.

At the moment I’m a little obsessed with One Born Every Minute – a UK reality/documentary show showing all walks of life having babies. There’s no candy coating, no fluffing, it’s just the reality of the labour ward. And it’s brilliant. I can’t get enough of watching these amazing women and their poor worried partners go through the most harrowing 24 hours of their lives. Some scream, some yell, most swear. Some scream so loudly you can’t help but giggle. Some are so calm, so strong, you wonder where they get their amazing powers from. Every one of them makes me cringe and retreat into the couch when they’re bellowing in pain, and yet I cry for every one of them at the moment they hold their baby in their arms. There’s something so profound about that moment, where you’re witnessing the exact second that someone’s life changes, but also where they change as a person. Their expressions get me every time – a perfect combination of joy, overwhelming love, surprise and relief. All are instantly besotted with this tiny, red screaming creature, and it sets me off every time.

While I dread the pain that these incredible women get through, I want that moment. I want to share it with my wonderful husband, and see our lives change in the face of the little wrinkled person we created. I can’t wait for that. Here’s hoping we’re lucky enough to have that opportunity.

Yours rather tearily (of course I’m watching at the moment!),

Jane Nester xx

Beginning the parenting “journey”

Where to start? Well, I took my multivitamins this week. Yep. That’s where I’m at. You can already tell a fair bit about me by that statement. Am I pregnant? No. Do I have a baby? No. Am I trying for one? Not yet. Ridiculous, right? Let me explain.

My aim here is to document all the highs and lows of pregnancy and parenthood, from the very first twinkle in the eye. Today is Wednesday. On Monday, I saw my lovely GP about what I need to do to get started on the whole family thing. I had some blood tests, blushed and looked at the ground when he asked what contraception I was using (then whispered “condoms!” and felt like giggling…), and told me to start taking multivitamins. The proper pink packet ones. I of course had already researched prenatal vitamins, and was pretty set on my selected option (sure, money played a large factor, but seriously Elevit, DOUBLE the price of Blackmores? What are you made of, diamonds?). Thankfully my Dr was happy with either choice, and so on Monday night I dramatically gulped down two capsules, stared into the middle distance and declared: “oooh! Vanilla-ey!”.

So there you have it. This post is the beginning of my journey. I don’t want to ramble on and bore you to tears (that’s for later posts!), so this is just a teaser of the fascinating drivel that’s to come. Hopefully this blog connects to some who are in the same situation as me, some who have been through the rollercoaster already, and others who just can’t get enough of suburban non-drama!

Until next time,

Jane Nester (so obviously my real name…) xx