Keeping a pregnancy secret

A little extreme, but effective, yes?

A little extreme, but effective, yes?

I feel I owe you an explanation. Why am I writing this blog? Why now, when there is relatively nothing happening? It’s true, while searching for like minded blogs, the majority are in the midst of pregnancy or way beyond it. For me, I wanted to be able to document the whole shebang. I don’t know what path this blog will take, because I don’t know which path I will take. But I think that’s something worth writing down. Whether it be for nostalgic sense, something for my children to read when they are older (unlikely, with my decidedly potty mouth) or just as an exercise to tell SOMEONE what is happening.

See, I’ve never been very good with secrets. I tend to spill the beans within, oooh, 5 hours? 6 tops. I just love sharing news (read: gossiping), and I think that this will be one of the hardest things in finding out I’m pregnant – not being able to tell anyone. So the task falls to you. I would say dear reader, but there aren’t any of you yet, so let’s say wonderful mystical future readers who like to look back over old blogs. Perfect!

Seriously though, how do you NOT tell everyone? I think for me the fear of miscarrying will clamp my flappy lips shut until we’re out of the danger zone, but it will take an enormous amount of willpower to do so. Worst of all, I can’t bitch and moan about things like morning sickness, fatigue, and all the other beautiful accoutrements that come with early pregnancy. WHO WILL FEEL SORRY FOR ME? Who will not make me do things because I’m not 100%? How annoying that I won’t be able to use legitimate symptoms to make my day slightly better!

Instead, you guys will get the brunt of my venting and joy. So, swings and roundabouts, sure. But we’ll also be sharing something enormously special, that no-one other than Mr Nester and a couple of doctors know about. You’re welcome.

Jane xx


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