Oscars 2014 Maternity Fashion

Morning! I thought since it’s a public holiday here, I would extend the holiday vibe to you all, and have a look at the recent Oscars maternity fashion. The reality of the situation is that I will never look as good as these women, pregnant or no. However, it’s refreshing to see a natural body shape on the red carpet, and the glow of health as opposed to the manufactured glow of makeup over emaciated bodies.

The pregnant stars this year were Olivia Wilde (one of my girls crushes, made even more so by the fact she’s with the gorgeous Jason Sudeikis), Kerry Washington who has been looking stunning throughout the awards season, Elsa Pataky (Thor’s missus), and Kristin Cavallari (from a number of reality shows, most recently Laguna Beach). Let’s take a look!

Firstly, Kristen. Apologies for the quality of the image here, this was the best I could find that illustrates the bump!

I think this is gorgeous, if a little crinkled. The white is stunning with the metallic shoulder contrast, and the fit is snug while still forgiving, showing Kristen’s gorgeous figure. A little ironing and I think we would have had a winner!

Elsa Pataky was very heavily pregnant for this year’s Oscars:

She unfortunately copped a lot of flak for this outfit – personally, I think the colour is gorgeous, and her hair and makeup is divine. I think perhaps a little more definition between bump and bust would have given her more shape, but that’s absolutely no excuse to refer to her bump as a beer belly – Joan Rivers should be ashamed of herself. Kudos to Elsa for even showing up at the Oscars with the energy it must have taken! I’d be on the couch stuffing popcorn into my face. Oh wait, I was!

Third on the list of pregnant celebs is Kerry Washington, who again took some criticism for her outfit:

Personally, I think the colour is stunning, the line of the dress is simple, but flattering. The design was accused of being too simple, like a bed sheet, and I think the crinkles don’t help here. But really, how gorgeous does she look? If I looked like that in a bed sheet, that’s all I’d ever wear! Love the pin in the centre as well.

Last but certainly not least is Olivia Wilde:

I loooooove this! When I first saw it I thought it was all black (the entire front is black, and high necked), but the white detail on the back just sets it off. It reminds me a lot of Julia Roberts’ dress when she won the Oscar in back in 2001:

Don’t you think? So elegant!

I’m thinking I might just get into the plastic surgery before pregnancy, so I can look like Olivia throughout. Good idea? Yesssss.

Yours in delusion,

Jane xx


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