Preconception Doctor’s Appointment

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Preconception. Like, JUST prior…

I was at the doctor’s today to follow up on my “preconception check-up” so recommended by various baby books. To be honest, at my first appointment the Doc seemed rather surprised at my organisation. I suppose in my area, there’s perhaps not as much planning in falling pregnant. To be fair, I believe most people start reading baby books when they are actually pregnant, so I can see where his surprise was coming from.

Anyhoo. He asked me the general questions – do you smoke (like a CHIMNEY! No.); How often do you drink alcohol (a small sherry at Christmas, Doc…ha!); history of illness (ummm, don’t YOU know that, family GP?) and so on. Then he stuck a needle in me to check for general health and immunities to the many, many diseases that could be a massive problem in pregnancy. So of course, I get a phone call a few days later from the nurse at the doctors’ surgery:

Nurse: Hello, is that Ms Nester?

Me: Depends, who’s calling?

N: It’s blah blah from the doctor’s office, just calling you about your blood test results.

M: It’s AIDS, isn’t it? Cancer? Imminent death of some sort?

N: The doctor would like you to come in to discuss your results

M: Definitely death then. Lovely! How’s Tuesday?

Don’t you love that? I mean, I know they’re not allowed to say on the phone, but seriously, just cough and say “NOT AIDS” at the same time. Cut a girl a break! For the last week, of course, I’ve been morbidly fantasising about what hideous disease I will have, and thinking of my elegant and noteworthy last words (you know, before I cark it and soil myself. Classy!). Today was the day I found out what the Doc NEEDED to call me in for, and….(drum roll)…

It was low iron. DRAMA! So now I need to take some iron tablets, but otherwise, I’m free to get nice and knocked up. Hurray for me! My famous last words will have to wait, and I’m sure my heart rate will return to normal in, oooh, a week or so.

So this is good! We’re on track. I’m roughly 3 weeks into taking pregnancy multis, and I’m hoping to take them for a good 3 months prior to trying, just to make sure all bases are covered (pedantic? Moi? Never!).

Yours in disease-free bliss,

Jane xx

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