Fashion Friday

Happy Friday!

I thought, as a jaunty new addition to the blog, Fridays could be carefree and full of nice things. Most of which I can’t afford, but hey! It’s Friday! Don’t worry about it! As a result, I am hoping to create a blog post each Friday on some examples of fashion, whether it be pre or post maternity, or more toward the child sized variety. Happy inaugural Fashion Friday! Today I thought I would keep it topical and at least vaguely close to my current stage of pregnancy (i.e. stage zero. Or possible -1), and show some styles I’ve recently found for Autumn (or Fall – hello from across the pond!). Let’s have a look!

So Frenchy, so chic

So Frenchy, so chic

Love this. LOVE it. Stripes are so a staple of my wardrobe, I may as well be some sort of African animal (except I hate animal print. So maybe not). This woman is obviously ridiculously slim for a pregnant woman, and I am likely to look far less like the fashionable sailor, and more like the adjacent sea animal. There’s also something about her expression. Something just a tiny bit “Fuck you” about the set of her jaw, which I just love. Who says women need to be all soft and lace covered in pregnancy? Be fierce (thanks Tyra), be fucking unapologetic. Did I mention I’ve had wine tonight? Hence the sweariness. You’re welcome.

Right. Next lovely outfit:

A little more wintery, but still gorgeous

A little more wintery, but still gorgeous

There’s something so classy, and classic about neutrals. Don’t get me wrong, I love a neon pop here and there, but I’ve never really suited the bright colour thing. It may be a little boring/beige of me, but neutrals call to me. And those boots are just yum. Not a fan of the bag, and it would help to see this outfit on a person, rather than a murderer’s arrangement of limbs, but otherwise, a lovely concoction!

Last but not least (it also has stripes), is the green number below:

More stripes, but can you blame me?

More stripes, but can you blame me?

Again, BOOTS. Otherwise, quite neutral with that lovely green. What would you call that green? It’s not quite emerald, it’s not grass, it’s…M&M green, right? Even more yum. Gorgeous layering, sensible levels of warm, and the high waist just sets off the curve of her figure. Lovely!

On this self indulgent and quite materialistic note, I will leave you to an excellent Friday, and hopefully an even better weekend. Get out and enjoy the crisp air and sunshine.

Jane xx

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