Fur babies

In my hiatus from baby-obsession, I have done what any sane, non-baby-obsessed person would do. Yes, you’re quite right. I focused on my career and built my investment portfolio bought a dog.

We are now the proud parents of two fur babies: our all-knowing eldest, 5 year old Cat, and the newly adopted, 1 year old cavoodle Dog. He was your usual heartstring-tugger. Abandoned by his owner, left in the vague care of the leftover housemates, he was overgrown, unloved, and un-cared for. Our little Dog came to us in need of our obsessive love for him, and boy did he get it. Within 2 hours of adopting him, he was clean and shiny, trimmed with a new collar, new premium food and waaaay too many toys.

Anyways, if you can’t tell, we love him. He is the sweetest natured being, only wants to be loved and be near you (can you tell I’m new to dogs?), and the best part is I haven’t completely ruined Cat’s life with the new addition. Sure, he chases her like crazy, but she kind of loves it. And though he pees on the carpet and chews my shoes when I’m not watching (and in one horrific incident, was found avidly licking my used undies…ew.).

Still, a lovely addition to our family, and he will be a great companion for our future brood. I’m already envisioning walks with Dog and Baby, smiling contentedly while sipping a latte. Living in dreamland, aren’t I?

Just to show you how beautiful he is, here is a picture of my new fur baby, Dog. I challenge you not to love his cute little face.


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