Sick as a dog

We’ve had quite a sick puppy this weekend, due to a bit of a gunky ear turning into a full blown infection. We’d noticed it earlier in the week, and hoped it would go away – mainly as we’re a week or so away from our pet insurance being available. However, poor old Dog went off his food on Friday, and barely moved from the couch on Saturday. We’ve booked him in to get checked out on Monday, but the last couple of days have given me an insight into the turmoil of a sick child. In no particular order:

The fear: seeing Dog withdrawn and not eating made me obsessively focused on his well being. Watching to make sure he was breathing, lying motionless next to him so as not to wake him, tempting him with his favourite treats in order to encourage some sort of eating. Thankfully we realised that his sore ear was making it painful for him to eat dry food, so a quick trip to the shop for doggy meatballs resulted in a feeding frenzy, and a much happier dog.

The guilt: hoping late last week that he would get better (or not get worse) until the cover kicked in was swimming through my head yesterday, when he was quite obviously worse. The fact that I’d tried to dismiss his symptoms for a few hundred dollars (he needs sedating to be treated) made me ashamed of myself. Me, who has always kept to the mantra that money is only money, ignoring our new family member’s illness in the hope it would magically disappear.

The neediness: both of Dog and of me. He hasn’t wanted to be more than a few centimetres away from me for the last two days, and I’ve been hovering over him like the worst helicopter parent. Mr Nester & I nearly came to blows last night (slight exaggeration…) over me wanting to let Dog sleep on the bed – a no-go so far. The brave Mr Nester stayed strong, and I relented after a waterfall of whining. He was of course right, but I couldn’t bear to see the pleading eyes of Dog in his vulnerable state.

We’re checking Dog in tomorrow, and I’m sure he’ll be completely fine after some ear drops & TLC, however this weekend has shown me that I’m not as unmoving as I thought, when it comes to babies (fur or no!).

Jane xx



Dog is, thankfully, completely fine. He had a thoroughly blocked ear, which was treated with a lot of ear drops (not Dog’s favourite thing, apparently!). He’s all better now, and back to happy chomping up my shoes.

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