Waiting for Ovvo (apologies to Samuel Beckett!)

I don’t know how women do it every month. Here I am, about 5 days into trying to conceive, and I’m climbing the walls. I want to know, NOW! I’m at least a week away from actually ovulating, and yet this morning I’ve had to physically stop myself from taking a pregnancy test (for those not well versed with these things, this is crazy-pants behaviour). Every quirk of my body becomes a symptom, every minute that ticks by is a minute closer to knowing. I have about 16 days before anything would show up on a test, and thankfully I’m going back to work on Monday, or I think I’d become an obsessive, rocking-in-the-corner type loony.

I think now that we’ve made the decision to try for a baby, all my years of suppressing baby fever have come back with a vengeance. I think if I actually see a baby in the next few days, I will simply melt into a puddle of oestrogen. Ew.

I’ve told myself sternly that I won’t be buying any fancy stuff until at least next month – ovulation kits, basal body thermometers, etc etc. Seriously, the industry in making babies is about 1,000 times what I thought it was! I could easily spend all my cash on supplements, planning kits, creams, videos, apps and books. However, I won’t. WON’T, Jane, OK?

Instead, I will obsessively monitor all things cycle related, eat so many superfoods I’ll turn into a freaking goji berry, and make Mr Nester’s day as many times as possible (nudge nudge, wink wink!) in the next week and a bit.

Yours in crazytown,

Jane xx

Fertility apps

Now that we’re officially trying for a baby, and with my personal tech obsession, it makes sense to delve into the world of fertility apps.

Fair warning, I’m about to talk about all things period – feel free to avert your innocent eyes!

I’ve been using a cycle tracker for the last couple of years anyway, as I wasn’t on the pill and I wanted to ensure I wasn’t caught short. This tracking seems to set me at an advantage for the fertility apps, as I now have quite a lot of information on past cycles, which makes it easier for the apps to predict dates of ovulation, greatest fertility, and the rest.

For quite some time I was using a simple calendar type app:

Period Tracker LiteScreen Shot 2014-07-10 at 2.46.52pm

An easy, free app that you simply get going by hitting the “period started!” button (obscure, I know). While it was a little too “pretty” for me (flowers, pink borders and the like), it certainly did the job.

Screenshot from the main page

Calendar view









Once we had started talking about having kids, I looked for a more specific fertility app (you can also just upgrade to the full Period Tracker app, but I was stingy and didn’t want to pay for it). So I moved on to:

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 2.54.41pmOvia

This one was a beautifully designed app, that had a bit more info, and more opportunity to log data – temperatures, cervical fluid (yum!), ovulation tests etc.


The only thing I didn’t like about this one was there was no connection to anyone else using the app, and it could be a little, well, huffy at times. Having reminders with “Make sure you log your data!” were helpful in keeping you on track, but seemed a little cranky. I know that sounds stupid, but after looking at the same reminder daily, I was a little put off.

ovia1 ovia2 ovia3

However, this app has a pregnancy companion, Ovia Pregnancy Guide, which is just as well set out. I may in fact head back to Ovia once the bun is in the oven.

My most recent discovery is:

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 3.08.52pmGlow

Again, beautifully designed, well set out, with all the same features as Ovia. In addition, you can link it to calorie/food tracking and exercise apps, including one I use (MyFitnessPal), and it will transfer your information across. The best part about Glow, in my opinion, is its forums. Integrated into the app, you can find any topic you’re after, and it’s split into “Trying to Conceive”, “Success Stories”, “Support”, and a number of others. I’ve found this fantastic for reading up on the pregnancy stories when I’m feeling optimistic, and being able to avoid them completely when I’m feeling like conception’s not going to happen any time soon. There are, of course, some nutters on the forums, trolling whoever they can, but I’ve found some genuinely lovely people on there who you can share the highs and lows with, without fear of telling friends, only to then have to “untell” them if something goes wrong with the pregnancy. I’ve been completely addicted to the app since I installed it last week.

glow1 glow2 glow3









I’ll let you know how I go as we progress with Glow, however it’s been great as a support tool, as well as a wealth of information on what I should be looking for, and what’s happening with me.

Hopefully sometime soon I can review the pregnancy apps I have sitting on my phone as well, when they’re actually needed (instead of me putting in phantom due dates to see what they do!).

Jane xx

New Beginnings

After all that chat about changing our start date due to money saving opportunities, I realised last week that my maths was dodgy. Well done Maths teacher Jane! *face palm*
It turns out, instead of the massive $10,000 difference I thought it would make by waiting a few months, it is instead more like $2,000. So after careful consideration last weekend, Mr Nester and I stared deep into each other’s eyes and mouthed, in unison, “Fuck it! Let’s give it a go”. Ahhh romance!

But really…how exciting!!!!! Apologies for the profuse use of exclamation marks, but if you can’t use ’em now, when can you? We are, officially, trying to conceive (or TTC to those in the know). So naturally, my planning has moved from what happens in pregnancy to which high schools are the best in the area. Ever the careful planner and avoider of the present! Good old moi!

So, in many more words than is really needed, we’re off! I can’t wait to use this blog for its original intention, and to share the pregnancy-baby-tearing hair out journey that is to follow.

Love, Jane xx

PS. Just for a bit of perspective over the coming months, here’s a “before” pic to compare to. I’ll try to keep a week to week comparison running!

Jane, preconception