New Beginnings

After all that chat about changing our start date due to money saving opportunities, I realised last week that my maths was dodgy. Well done Maths teacher Jane! *face palm*
It turns out, instead of the massive $10,000 difference I thought it would make by waiting a few months, it is instead more like $2,000. So after careful consideration last weekend, Mr Nester and I stared deep into each other’s eyes and mouthed, in unison, “Fuck it! Let’s give it a go”. Ahhh romance!

But really…how exciting!!!!! Apologies for the profuse use of exclamation marks, but if you can’t use ’em now, when can you? We are, officially, trying to conceive (or TTC to those in the know). So naturally, my planning has moved from what happens in pregnancy to which high schools are the best in the area. Ever the careful planner and avoider of the present! Good old moi!

So, in many more words than is really needed, we’re off! I can’t wait to use this blog for its original intention, and to share the pregnancy-baby-tearing hair out journey that is to follow.

Love, Jane xx

PS. Just for a bit of perspective over the coming months, here’s a “before” pic to compare to. I’ll try to keep a week to week comparison running!

Jane, preconception

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