Waiting for Ovvo (apologies to Samuel Beckett!)

I don’t know how women do it every month. Here I am, about 5 days into trying to conceive, and I’m climbing the walls. I want to know, NOW! I’m at least a week away from actually ovulating, and yet this morning I’ve had to physically stop myself from taking a pregnancy test (for those not well versed with these things, this is crazy-pants behaviour). Every quirk of my body becomes a symptom, every minute that ticks by is a minute closer to knowing. I have about 16 days before anything would show up on a test, and thankfully I’m going back to work on Monday, or I think I’d become an obsessive, rocking-in-the-corner type loony.

I think now that we’ve made the decision to try for a baby, all my years of suppressing baby fever have come back with a vengeance. I think if I actually see a baby in the next few days, I will simply melt into a puddle of oestrogen. Ew.

I’ve told myself sternly that I won’t be buying any fancy stuff until at least next month – ovulation kits, basal body thermometers, etc etc. Seriously, the industry in making babies is about 1,000 times what I thought it was! I could easily spend all my cash on supplements, planning kits, creams, videos, apps and books. However, I won’t. WON’T, Jane, OK?

Instead, I will obsessively monitor all things cycle related, eat so many superfoods I’ll turn into a freaking goji berry, and make Mr Nester’s day as many times as possible (nudge nudge, wink wink!) in the next week and a bit.

Yours in crazytown,

Jane xx

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