Pregnancy Week 4

Baby: size of a poppy seed.

Body: starting to betray me – hello bloat!

Brain: sliding into madness. Husband said this morning “give me a kiss”, which I mistook for “Jiminy Cricket”. Of course.

Symptoms: heading towards gross. My body is wholeheartedly welcoming as much gas as possible, while chucking in sprinkles of heartburn, headache and a whole can of tiredness to boot.

So as of today I’m 4 weeks knocked up. 2 technically, as it’s been 14 days since ovulation, but those nice old scientists have decided to add a bonus 2 weeks into the calculation. I peed on my 3,254th stick this morning, and yep I’m still baking in this oven of mine. (Autocorrect just suggested “oven of mimes” then, I know they’re not everyone’s favourite but that seems a bit harsh…) I’m quite enjoying seeing the progression of very light line (am I? Is it?) to the seriously solid double line (KNOCKED UPPPPP). It also staves off my very real fear of miscarriage. From my panicked research, a woman under 35 who is otherwise healthy has a 10-15% chance of miscarrying, after it can be clinically detected. Prior to that, I’ve read estimates of between 20 and 50% of miscarriage, or chemical pregnancies. This is where the egg never really implants properly, and you may get a positive result for a day or two before it fades again. Thankfully I’m past that point, but it is still very common to miscarry in the first 12 weeks, more so before 6 weeks. I’m hanging for the 6 week mark to drop the chances down to about 5%, and give myself a bit of relief!

Embryo-wise, I’m still housing what is basically a ball of cells, but it’s now split into an amniotic bit, a yolk sac (mmm yum…), and the embryo in the middle. By the end of this week however, it’ll be like a freaky little person shaped blob, so we’re getting closer!

I’ve booked in to see the GP on Friday, from all the books I’ve been reading it looks like I’ll pee on a stick again, get some blood taken, and if I’m lucky get a bit of a feel up (boobs, babymaker), to make sure all looks good. Better put some lippy on for that one!

Jane xx

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