IVF #1: Cycle Day 5

Day 5 of my cycle today, day 3 of injections. I’m still on Puregon, still the same dose, and tonight will be the third jab. I was a bit all over the place today – my mind spontaneously fell into pits of nothingness, and actually, I just did it again then trying to finish that sentence.

The sinus style headache is still here, building slightly, but still nothing to complain too loudly about. If these are the side effects, I’m pretty happy so far!

The emotions are building today, still no tears but I’ve been very snappy and then instantly teary. Also quite tired. What a delight for my colleagues and poor suffering husband.

The enormity of what’s going on inside my body is not really hitting home yet, but I’m guessing as the side effects ramp up it’ll start to sink in.

That’s it from me tonight – just a quick update to try to capture this experience day by day!

Jane xx

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