IVF: the first scan


50 Shades of Grey has NOTHING on this baby…

How is the whole world still ticking along at a normal speed when I seem to have slipped into hyperdrive? What a week so far! I feel like I’m still coming to terms with the fact that we’re going to be doing IVF, and I’ve realised today I’m half way through the process already! I was in for my first scan this morning, using everybody’s favourite: the vaginal ultrasound. This is just as lovely as it sounds – a great big rod, straight up the clacker, to get a good view at my bits. The purpose of this scan is to have a look at the thickness of the endometrial lining (the bit that will feed the egg when it implants) and to see how many follicles I’ve been growing. The follicles are basically the housing for the eggs – most should successfully develop an egg and therefore be able to be fertilised.

So far, my results are looking good! Good endo lining of 12mm (although now I’m worrying it’s too thick), and a total of 13 developed follicles, with an average size of 14mm. They need to reach 18mm by the trigger day to be likely to fertilise. Thankfully, some are already there! Fingers crossed when I go in for the second scan on Wednesday, they’re looking nice and big. There are also quite a few little follicles that may well be the underdogs of my fertility (what an odd sentence!) and make it over the line on trigger day. Having the scan today has renewed my obsession with all things fertility based – I had been starting to think that my lack of crazy symptoms had meant things weren’t happening for me, which makes for a rather large waste of $6,000.

We’ve reached the point of no return cost wise now, although we could pull out if we wanted to (pun intended), we’d still be forking out the big bucks. I snapped at poor Mr Nester today who pointed out a screaming baby and said, “you’ve got that to look forward to!”. See? Horribly insulting. I was completely justified in flying off the handle at him, right? Maybe those hormone shots are doing something…

So today’s Monday, on Wednesday I’ve got the second scan, and the doc thinks that Friday could well be the day for sucking these little potential humans out of my ovaries. Which means Wednesday night will be the big one: the trigger shot. We’re on the road now, no bumps so far (again, pun intended!), let’s hope we get to the end of the week smoothly, and with some fertilised eggs!

Till Wednesday,

Jane xx

5 thoughts on “IVF: the first scan

    • Jane says:

      Hey as-I-see-it, just read your into blog – it sounds like you have a pretty exciting adventure ahead! I know of a few people who have had genetic testing during IVF, it’s pretty amazing what they can do these days! Thanks for the follow, hopefully I can update you with good news soon 🙂

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