IVF: Second Scan & Trigger Shot!

Amazing how much can happen in a week, isn’t it? On Sunday, I’d only been having injections for a week, no other contact from the clinic, and I’d just added a second shot of Orgalutran to stop myself ovulating. Now, it’s only four days later and I’m preparing to go into hospital tomorrow to have my eggs collected!

I had the second scan yesterday morning, and my little eggs had blown up in size. From the ultrasound, I now have 15 developed follicles with an average size of 17mm. By today, that could have increased even more! My fertility specialist has said that anything over 17mm is considered ready, so I’m well and truly there. That meant, thankfully, that last night was my last Orgalutran shot (nasty, nasty needles!), and I was to stop taking Puregon. It also meant that we’re now entering the “all systems go” phase!

I was entrusted with the trigger shot yesterday morning, with strict instructions on its usage. The trigger is an hCG shot, designed to tell your ovaries to “Let it go, let it go! Don’t hold them in anymore…”. This shot has to be given at a very precise time, as exactly 36 hours after it’s taken, the eggs are released. Pretty amazing stuff. This meant that as I was booked in for egg retrieval at 11:30am on Friday, I had to take the shot at exactly 11:30pm last night. As these drugs have been kicking in, I’ve been completely knackered. The prospect of staying up until 11:30 on a school night was an impossible one. So, sensibly, I set myself an alarm to get up to take the shot, at which point I jolted awake and had no idea what was happening. Mr Nester had to basically drag me out of bed and down the hall to get the shot, and it wasn’t until it was stabbed into my stomach that I really twigged on what was happening. Crazy! Good thing Mr Nester was far more lucid than I, or we might have missed the window of opportunity. 

So all of this means that firstly, I don’t have to stab myself with any more needles for a while! (Hurray!) Secondly, I’m off to hospital tomorrow where my fertility specialist inserts a rather long needle into all 15 follicles (plus any more that might have developed), and sucks out the eggs. They’ll bring me out of the general anaesthetic (and hopefully sweet peaceful dreams), and let me know then and there how many eggs they’ve retrieved. From there, it’s a waiting game to see how many fertilise, how many continue developing, and then if we have a good one to transfer back to me, and hopefully some to freeze. 

Like I said, it’s all happening! I’m hoping to post tomorrow after the procedure, but groggy old Jane might just take herself straight to bed until Saturday. Either way, we’ll speak soon. 

Until then,

Jane xx

5 thoughts on “IVF: Second Scan & Trigger Shot!

    • Jane says:

      Thank you! I’m equal parts excited and terrified, but I’m also looking forward to leaving it in the hands of the scientists, if only for a few days!

      • justanothernuttybrunette says:

        I hear you on that! The thing I was most excited about was a little break from all those injections and of course the anticipation of knowing how many eggs were to be retrieved! Are you going to be under general anesthesia? I read some women are kept awake and given strong pain meds, my hats off to them because I would’ve lost it if I had to be kept awake😁

      • Jane says:

        I’m right with you there – I’ll be under a general, and very pleased about it! I’d rather not be awake while they stick a needle into my ovaries 15 times!!

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