IVF: the egg retrieval

Look how dedicated I am: a mere 6 hours after the procedure, here I am, blogging all the deets for you! It’s not at all related to the fact that I’m bed bound and bored. At ALL. 

The egg retrieval was today. That’s the one where they knock me out and attack me with needles. I wish I was kidding. The actual procedure? Not memorable. Mainly due to my being unconscious the entire time. I had a drip put in my arm, a drug injected, I started feeling woozy, then I was being woken up. Too easy!

The nurses also told me how many eggs they retrieved. When I had my scan on Wednesday, there were 13 developed follicles. Usually, around 70-75% of the follicles contain eggs. For me, it was a little lower. They retrieved 7 eggs – still a good haul, but a little less than I’d hoped. The plus side is, as I’m doing ICSI, the fertilisation rates should technically be higher, as there’s no risk of the sperm not being able to break through. 

seven eggs, count em!

So tomorrow morning I find out how many of these little dots have fertilised, and then it’s another update on Monday to see how they’re progressing. I’m really, really hoping we get 5 or 6 fertilised eggs: I would so love to be able to transfer one embryo, and then freeze another 3 or 4. Staying as optimistic as possible, and looking forward to tomorrow’s update!

The only other thing to mention is me being all laid up in bed. The post-retrieval effects. Ohhhh how it hurts. I feel like someone has bull-dog clipped the inside of my uterus: every time I stand up and try to straighten, it pulls at me like crazy. I also had the joyous opportunity to throw up into my hands on the way home. Oh yeah. Didn’t quite get the plastic bag opened fast enough, so instead it created a lovely barrier between spew and hands, that only hugely spilled all over me. I’m putting it down to coming out of the anaesthetic and then very quickly jumping in the back seat of the car for quite a long drive home. Thankfully I feel much better now, and after a nap I’m feeling much more myself, even if it’s only when I’m lying down. 

So that’s today’s wrap up, apologies if it’s a bit wonky, as at this moment so am I. Next time we talk, I’ll know how many little balls of cells we have!

Can’t wait,

Jane xx

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