Pregnancy Week 6

Week: 6

Baby: A pea! The preggo apps seem to disagree on size this week, ranging from pea, to blueberry, to a grain of rice. I like the idea of a little pea though, so I’m sticking with it 🙂

What I’m cooking: my little pea’s face is starting to develop, with the eyes, ears and nose forming this week. And, although they’re still basically paddles, the arms and legs are growing and starting to, well, paddle about!

Main symptom: nausea is creeping in, setting in so far at around 6-7pm, and making me regret pretty much anything I ate for dinner. Today it started at 4pm, so it looks like we’re a go for this whole spewy thing!

What’s on this week: nothing! Literally, as I’m on holidays for the week. Basically a countdown until my first scan in Week 7.

My first photo AND info panel, together! What a world :)

My first photo AND info panel, together! What a world 🙂

This week? Honestly, I’ve been struggling to feel like I’m pregnant at all. Yeah I’m having a few symptoms, but they’re nothing too out of the ordinary. Tired, a bit moody, sore boobs. That’s me for most of the month anyway (poor Mr Nester!). I’ve felt so un-pregnant, I’ve had to keep taking pregnancy tests (HAD to, okay?) to remind myself that yes, there’s a little person growing in me. That said, there has been one thing that stood out this week as being a little, well, weird. Call it a side effect, call it a combo of a few pregnancy quirks coming together, but my boobs, um, smell. No, not like that. Not in a bad way. Just weird. Okay, ready? They smell like flowers. I know. Seriously, I know! It sounds a lot like a “my shit don’t stink” kind of thing. It’s also not a “oooh I need a lovely fresh scent. I might just go for a whiff of my norks!”. No, they smell like an old lady’s house – heavy, musky, flowery kind of scent. And it’s not just me – Mr Nester took one sniff this morning and pulled back instantly:

“Yep! Flowers!” and then we both burst out laughing for a while. I even Googled to see if this was a common issue. You’ll love this. I typed in “breasts smell flowery pregnancy”, and do you know what Google gave me? Nothing! Nothing!! Google, why have you forsaken me?

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself! Or, take a look at this baby:

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 5.36.22pm

I love that last bit – “we have omitted some entries very similar to the 0 already displayed.” Gee, thanks Google. What a huge help you’ve been!

All I could find is that pregnant women have a stronger sense of smell, and later in the pregnancy the old feedbags might start to smell like milk, or musky. That’s I suppose pretty close, but they’re so, so flowery! Crazy.

The last note this week is you might notice in my progress photo I have somewhat shorter hair – I shaved my head for cancer research 2 weeks ago, so I’m just a bit fuzzy now! It was a pretty amazing experience, and we raised over $7,000, so I might look like a bit of a butch pregnant woman for the next few months, but it was well worth it.

Hopefully my next post will give you all the ins and outs of how hugely pregnant I feel, but until then I’ll just be here, peeing on sticks.

Jane xx

Pregnancy limbo

Something I’m bound to be terrible at in a few months’ time…


I’m in this strange zone of pregnancy at the moment, where the bulk of the symptoms haven’t really kicked in yet, I’m not showing at all, and although I’ve been given the confirmation that yes, we’re pregnant, the reality hasn’t really sunk in. We’re due for an ultrasound in two weeks’ time, which should help make it feel real, especially if we can see and maybe even hear the heartbeat!

For now, however, it’s an odd twilight zone. I’m almost hoping for proper morning sickness so I don’t have to remind myself I’m pregnant! I feel like a bit of a fraud at the moment, or a hypochondriac. Now we’ve gone past the very early initial stages of the tests, confirmation, and ridiculous anxiety regarding miscarriage (don’t worry, that’s still going strong at nearly 6 weeks!), there’s really just the wait to see that everything’s ok, and then hopefully I can start enjoying being pregnant. 

Chances are I’ll be worrying for the next 9 months though, and then of course the rest of my life after that!

See you at 6 weeks,

Jane xx

New Blog Theme!

a very quick note to mention the change of blog design – I felt I needed to give the site a bit of a boost, as I’m actually posting regularly now! So, new theme and new custom header, and it only took me an entire morning! Win. 

Pregnancy Week 5

Week: 5

Baby: Apple seed size! Again, I seem to be the round thing surrounding it (they’re not wrong)

What I’m cooking: the spine is getting a little more detailed, the circulatory, digestive and nervous systems are developing, as is the stomach, liver, kidneys, and a beating heart!! 

Main symptom: still sleeeeeeepy, although a stuffy nose/onset of a cold is taking the lead. 

What’s on this week: bloods to check my immunities etc, blood type, and a bunch of other bits. 

Week 5

Hello Week 5! We haven’t met before. I’m Jane, pleased to make your acquaintance. I very much hope you’re nice! Please be nice. 

Today I’m 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant, meaning I’m moving ever closer to the safe zone. The odds of miscarriage are dropping pretty dramatically now, which is great, and according to spacefem, my odds are currently at around 15%. Still not as low as I’d like, but much better than a week ago. 


Symptoms-wise, I am still stupidly tired, and basically lugging myself through the day until I can crawl back into bed. I’ve had a stuffy nose for about a week now, but there is a bug going around, and today feels a lot more like a head cold. Thankfully my bloating has subsided a little, I’ve worked out it’s mainly down to (ick factor) constipation, again caused by those lovely hormones. 


It still feels super surreal that I’m growing another person inside of me, although I’m trying very hard not to stress out about what might go wrong. It’s very easy to fall into that anxiety trap, so my attitude has been forced into the que cera realms, as I don’t see the point in stressing about the unknown, and uncontrollable. 


I’m also reading everything I can about Week 5, as I hadn’t let myself get that far last time. The best part so far is that the little diagrams of the embryo are now starting to resemble a creature, and not just a blob or a stick-thing. I’m enjoying the progression from alien to human-ish as the weeks pass. 

my little Grub today, according to Glow Nurture

what Grub will look like tomorrow. See? creature-like!

The last point to be made is: still no morning sickness! Whoohoo! I’ve had the occasional spot of queasiness, and a bit of heartburn, but no hurly hurly just yet. Stay tuned!


Jane xx


Dolce & Gabbana & “synthetic children”

Just a quick note in response to the interview we all know, that we’re all talking about, regarding the founders’ opinions on family and conception. 

uh oh, your ignorance is showing…

To quote them:

You are born and you have a father and a mother. Or at least it should be like this, that’s why I am not convinced by chemical children, synthetic babies, wombs for rent.” – Dolce & Gabbana, via Panorama Magazine

This angers me for oh so many reasons. The arrogance to dismiss anybody who cannot conceive naturally, whether through sexual orientation, infertility or otherwise, is abhorrent. To call much loved children of IVF, assisted fertility or surrogacy “chemical children” and “synthetic babies” is truly disgusting. How dare you? What right do you have to get on your soap box and dictate how other’s lives should play out?

We decided to go with IVF after trying for a few months, and discovering Mr Nester had Stage 3 bowel cancer. Our immediate options were to freeze sperm prior to treatment, and either wait the 2+ years in the hope Mr Nester’s production would return to normal, or use IVF either while dealing with cancer treatment, or later if we discovered Mr Nester was no longer producing any swimmers. We chose life, we chose our future, we chose hope. And so we chose IVF now, while dealing with cancer. Because if nothing else, cancer teaches you that waiting is never good, and you should live life while you can. 

My question to Messrs Dolce and Gabbana is this: how, exactly, is it our fault that my husband developed bowel cancer? Do you think we have not suffered enough with this diagnosis, while in our thirties? Does this medical issue now take away our right to want children? Should we now have to pay for such a horrific time in our marriage with a lack of family? And lastly, how fucking dare you?

As you can see, I don’t quite agree with the fashion designers’ views. In fact, I find them horribly insulting to those who have found joy and success through the power of modern science. 

If I ever had the misfortune to meet these clothes merchants, I don’t think I could hold myself back. My first instinct would be a rather large punch to the stomach, for ever daring to call the wonder that is currently forming within me “chemical” or “synthetic”.

On you Elton, I’m right with you. 

Jane xx

The blood test: the second time around

I know, dear readers, I know. I’ve left you hanging, in the lurch, holding your breath, etc. 

Today was D-Day, or in this case, B-Day (how unfortunate. Not the fancy bum cleaner). It was blood test day! The fertility clinic had said to get in as early as possible, as the sooner I got the test, the faster they’d receive the results. So there I was, at 7:30 this morning, waiting outside the dark doctor’s office for it to open (at 8:00). I don’t think I was too eager, do you? Only a half hour wait in the cold, anxiously stepping forward when anyone approached so they didn’t take my prime spot?

Anyway, in I went, got the blood test, and woozed my way off to work. All that adrenaline and blood loss, not a great mix! The fertility clinic had said to be near the phone from about 1:30pm, as that’s when the results start filing in. Which is why, when my phone rang at 11:30am, I was a little surprised to hear the clinic on the other end of the line! The woman I spoke to was completely lovely (they all are), and said “I hear you may have already tested and got the good news?”. Guiltily, I replied, “umm yeah, sorry about that!”. She followed up with, “you’ll be happy to know your blood test is also a positive, with an hCG level of 669. Anything over 300 at this stage is great.”

the most beautiful number in the world right now

So, that’s it! Pregnancy confirmed! I’m officially knocked up! Holy shit!! We ducked in to the GP tonight as well to get the ball rolling on booking with the hospital, and getting referrals for scans etc, and I’m also booked in for an ultrasound with the fertility specialist on the 8th of April. 

I’m in a world of “I’m pregnant!!!” at the moment, so I apologise if this is a load of guff, but I wanted to share it with you all. Now for the fun part – getting fat and losing sleep! Whoo!

Jane xx

Nothing better

in this limbo land I’m in prior to the blood test confirmation, sometimes there’s nothing better than peeing on another stick and seeing that line, much darker than last time. Today I’m at ease after getting this result!

look at that beautiful second line!

Two more days until I make it past my last pregnancy record…

Jane xx