IVF: Fertilisation & Egg Retrieval Aftermath

I am so freaking sore! Kicked in the soft parts kind of sore. That said, I’m much better than yesterday, and ten times better than I was on Friday, but still. Sore! I guess having a needle puncture 15 follicles through the wall of your vagina will do that to a lady. 

As you may have guessed, I’m post egg retrieval, and not quite as high on sedatives as I was in my last post. Apologies for all the spew talk. It was at the forefront of my muddled mind. 

After the retrieval on Friday and the ill fated trip home (read all about it here), I’ve been resting, resting, eating and resting. I found that lying on the couch was my most comfortable position, and who am I to argue with my body? Couch it is. Somewhere in the middle of all that resting was a block of stressing, where I was waiting to hear from the clinic how many eggs fertilised. They had told me after the retrieval on Friday that they would call me in the morning with the fertilisation results, so I had naïvely assumed I would receive a phone call before midday. I didn’t. So I panicked. The ridiculous things that went through my mind:

  • Maybe they’ve lost my number (they’ve called me plenty of times already)
  • Maybe they screwed up and lost my eggs
  • Maybe they leave all the bad phone calls until the end 
  • Maybe the scientist forgot to come in and my eggs were never fertilised…

So, completely rational hypotheses. I actually ended up googling the scientist, finding her email address and asking her to call me, before the clinic rang at 12:17pm. NOT morning, may I emphasise. A lovely lady let me know that of the 7 eggs retrieved on Friday, 6 were mature, and using ICSI, 5 had fertilised. 5! I was dreading that phone call, expecting them to tell me one or none had been successful. But 5! Such great news. Of course, there’s a good chance they won’t all make it to the transfer date, but it’s possible they will as well. I’ll find out tomorrow morning how many have made it to Day 3, and that will dictate whether I have a transfer that day (if they’re not looking great), or if they wait for Day 5 (if things are progressing well). So, more waiting, but the good kind!

Mr Nester and I have had a chat about what a good outcome would be, so I don’t get too disheartened if we lose some of the embryos. Obviously having any at all to transfer would be great, but ideally I’d like to have at least one to freeze as well. That would mean we’d have another shot if things didn’t go as planned this cycle. 

It’s funny, but I’m feeling quite attached to my little embryos, currently hanging out in their Petri dishes across the city, and looking something like this:

one little egg at 2 days

So, I’m hoping against hope that all my zygotes grow to blastocysts (from a ball of cells to a bigger, tougher ball of cells), even though chances are I’m likely to end up with a third of the embryos making it, leaving me with maybe 2 at the 5 day mark. Then it’s transfer time!

I’ll keep you posted tomorrow, come on future people, grow grow grow!

Jane xx


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