IVF: Embryo Transfer

Here we are, me and my little blob. As of yesterday morning, I am potentially pregnant, or as the web calls it: PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise). 

On Wednesday morning, I arrived at the clinic, and sat down with the nurse to go through the current situation of my embryos. Amazingly, all 5 were still going (I was sure we were going to lose a few along the way!), although some were much stronger than others. In order of development, we had:

  • 1 grade 5AB blastocyst, which is a very good quality 5 day old embryo, that was starting to hatch out of its shell. 
  • 1 early blastocyst – not as developed, but still good quality. 
  • 2 morulas: embryos with 12-16 cells (blasts have 32-64)
  • 1 8 cell embryo – lagging quite a way behind the others. 

They had decided to transfer the best one, and leave the others for another day or two to see if they progress enough to be frozen. That means that this little champion below (described by the IVF scientist as a “beautiful blastocyst”), is currently residing in my uterus, and hopefully finding itself a lovely, comfortable place to hang out for the duration. 


my beautiful little blob


The little blots on the bottom right are the embryo hatching, the thickening around the edges is what will become the placenta, and that little inner blob? The one on the left there? That’s what will hopefully, hopefully become our little baby. Kind of amazing to have a photo this early on! Is it strange that I’m really feeling very attached to it? When the scientist said how beautiful it looked, I was quite proud. I suppose it IS our genetic material, but it’s very surreal!

So anyway, the actual transfer. This was like an exciting Pap smear. Speculum and all. A little bit of pain as they stuck a tube through my cervix and into my uterus, but otherwise just uncomfortable. They then inserted a ridiculously thin catheter containing my little blob, and in it went! All of about 10 minutes, and 30 seconds later I was pulling my pants back on and waltzing on out of there. 

I’m now in Day 2 of the endless length of time that is otherwise known as the two week wait – made longer by the fact that my blood test is booked for two weeks after transfer, not ovulation. I’m already planning on rebelling and testing on the two week point of “ovulation”, which will be 9 days past the transfer of the 5-day embryo, or 9dp5dt. This is 1dp5dt, so a little while yet!

Until then, it’s just me, Mr Nester and our little blob, hopefully currently burrowing nice and deep into my uterine lining. 

I’ll also find out tomorrow if any remaining embryos made it to freeze, and I’m really hoping we have at least one, as if this doesn’t take that will have to be it for a while. Until I find another $6,000, anyway. Staying positive though, and focusing on having this lovely little blob growing here with me for the next 9 months. 

Symptoms wise, I’m feeling exhausted most days, and I’m getting some very light cramping on both sides, with the occasional jab on the right. Come on, baby, implant!!

Jane (& blob) xx


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