Testing, 1… 2…

what a difference IVF makes! You might remember, from way back in October 2014, my story of getting a positive pregnancy test (read all about it here). The dismissal, disbelief, squinting to interpret that faint second line, waking up Mr Nester? The excitement? How fertility treatments change all of that!

Let me explain. This morning marked 6 days after my embryo transfer (6dp5dt), equivalent to 11DPO in normal fertility language. Usually, I would have tested every day for the last four or so days, but as this cycle was using IVF, I was scared silly that I might get a misleading result. The trigger shot that you take for IVF is basically a high dose of hCG – the hormone that lights up that lovely second line on a pregnancy test. This means that it takes a while to get the trigger out of your system, in order for the preggo test to give you a real response. 

So. This morning I decided to test. Well, I’d decided last night, as I couldn’t stand not knowing anymore. I’m getting all the symptoms under the sun (except nausea, thank goodness!), and I just wanted to know. That way I could start dealing with it if it was a negative. Because I knew last night I was going to let myself test, my sleeping was, well, not great. Wide awake at 4am, I thought “bugger it! I have to pee anyway.” Off I trot to the bathroom to pee on a stick. Quite novel actually, it’s been months since I last had a go! Thankfully, I still remembered how to do it. Phew!

There I sat, trying to count 3 minutes in my head, all while staring intently at that stick. One line, very strong. Then…a hint…a glimpse…yep, that’s a second line! Somewhat faint, but certainly not one that needs squinting. I wander back in to see Mr Nester. He looks at me: “So?”

My romantic response: “ummm, yeah it’s positive, but it’s pretty light.”

His reply: “hmmm. Ok then. I guess we check again in a couple of days”.

What a story to tell the kids!!

Since talking to some other wonderful women who are going through the same IVF cycle (through a forum group on the Glow app – I can’t recommend it highly enough!), they’ve convinced me that it is actually pretty dark for 11DPO, and if there was any trigger left it would be ridiculously light. 

my lovely second line, at 6dp5dt..

So, very hesitantly (but also very excitedly), I think I can tell you, I’m pregnant! I’m hoping against hope that this little one sticks, and I can’t wait to test again in a few days to make this seem more real!

Jane (and blob!) xx

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