Pregnancy Week 3: the second time around

Week: 3 (and a bit)

Baby: a teeny little blob (about the size of a poppy seed)

What I’m cooking: the blastocyst has embedded in my uterus, and is now developing the neural tube and a bit of brain

Main symptom: BLOAT. Oh my god I might just be 6 months pregnant and I didn’t know it

What’s on this week: lots of self pregnancy tests

Well hello there. It’s just me, Jane. Oh yeah, and my growing little blob currently residing in my uterus! After another positive pregnancy test this morning, which was substantially darker than the last one, I’m willing to say that I might just be pregnant! Of course, this still needs to be confirmed with a blood test, happening early next week. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, as last time I had all but picked out the school our baby was attending, before a very early miscarriage.

come on, you beautiful second line you!

Last time, my blood test results were in the 30s – pretty low. I’m really hoping that we get a great result, which will put my mind at ease for a minute or two.

The one thing that’s making me think that maybe things are progressing well with this pregnancy is the symptoms. Bloody hell, the symptoms! I am so bloated I keep thinking I’ve been eating nothing but junk food for about 6 months. I refuse to weigh myself, because I don’t know if I’d recover from the shock! I’m also cramping quite a lot – funny little cramps, right down near the money maker (oh, you know what I mean!). With those two, along with massive boobs, vague-brain and dizziness, my body is sure trying to tell me I’m knocked up.

Maybe it's just the pizza I'm currently stuffing into my face?

Maybe it’s just the pizza I’m currently stuffing into my face?

Today puts me at 7dp5dt, or exactly a week after the embryo transfer, or with the pregnancy calculator 3 weeks and 5 days (they throw in the first two weeks for free – bonus!). So it’s still very early days, and there’s still a high chance of miscarriage. However, I’m trying not to think about that, and instead focus on the incredible fact that I’m growing another human! I’m pregnant! No matter how long it may be for (9 months please, please!), it’s a lovely feeling.

Next week should hopefully bring the confirmation, and I’m guessing an appointment to check on things at some point. Until then, it’s just Mr Nester, me and my lovely little bean. How wonderful!

Jane xx

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