The blood test: the second time around

I know, dear readers, I know. I’ve left you hanging, in the lurch, holding your breath, etc. 

Today was D-Day, or in this case, B-Day (how unfortunate. Not the fancy bum cleaner). It was blood test day! The fertility clinic had said to get in as early as possible, as the sooner I got the test, the faster they’d receive the results. So there I was, at 7:30 this morning, waiting outside the dark doctor’s office for it to open (at 8:00). I don’t think I was too eager, do you? Only a half hour wait in the cold, anxiously stepping forward when anyone approached so they didn’t take my prime spot?

Anyway, in I went, got the blood test, and woozed my way off to work. All that adrenaline and blood loss, not a great mix! The fertility clinic had said to be near the phone from about 1:30pm, as that’s when the results start filing in. Which is why, when my phone rang at 11:30am, I was a little surprised to hear the clinic on the other end of the line! The woman I spoke to was completely lovely (they all are), and said “I hear you may have already tested and got the good news?”. Guiltily, I replied, “umm yeah, sorry about that!”. She followed up with, “you’ll be happy to know your blood test is also a positive, with an hCG level of 669. Anything over 300 at this stage is great.”

the most beautiful number in the world right now

So, that’s it! Pregnancy confirmed! I’m officially knocked up! Holy shit!! We ducked in to the GP tonight as well to get the ball rolling on booking with the hospital, and getting referrals for scans etc, and I’m also booked in for an ultrasound with the fertility specialist on the 8th of April. 

I’m in a world of “I’m pregnant!!!” at the moment, so I apologise if this is a load of guff, but I wanted to share it with you all. Now for the fun part – getting fat and losing sleep! Whoo!

Jane xx

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