Pregnancy limbo

Something I’m bound to be terrible at in a few months’ time…


I’m in this strange zone of pregnancy at the moment, where the bulk of the symptoms haven’t really kicked in yet, I’m not showing at all, and although I’ve been given the confirmation that yes, we’re pregnant, the reality hasn’t really sunk in. We’re due for an ultrasound in two weeks’ time, which should help make it feel real, especially if we can see and maybe even hear the heartbeat!

For now, however, it’s an odd twilight zone. I’m almost hoping for proper morning sickness so I don’t have to remind myself I’m pregnant! I feel like a bit of a fraud at the moment, or a hypochondriac. Now we’ve gone past the very early initial stages of the tests, confirmation, and ridiculous anxiety regarding miscarriage (don’t worry, that’s still going strong at nearly 6 weeks!), there’s really just the wait to see that everything’s ok, and then hopefully I can start enjoying being pregnant. 

Chances are I’ll be worrying for the next 9 months though, and then of course the rest of my life after that!

See you at 6 weeks,

Jane xx

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