Pregnancy Week 10

Week: 10

Baby:  A walnut! This was the best comparison I could find, as all the apps have decidedly gross options this week: a prune, a date or a kumquat. The first two are horrible dried out squishy things, and the last has a terribly unfortunate name. Walnut it is.

What I’m cooking:  The webbing on the fingers and toes has disappeared, and my grub now has elbows and knees! The eyes also apparently are now moving to the front of the head instead of on the sides, which weirds me out too much to think about for any length of time. 

Main symptom: Still starving, and the fatigue has returned with a vengeance. Basically all I do these days is sleep and eat, much like my cat. 

What’s on this week: A lot! We have the NT scan on Thursday, followed by officially telling family and friends on Thursday/Friday!

Week 10 comp

I’ve been so looking forward to this week, for more than one reason. Firstly, this Thursday we get to see our little grub again, and he (still convinced it’s a boy!) will be looking much less blob-ish. The scan is the Nuchal fold test, to give us an indication of the chance of chromosomal abnormalities (usually more focused on Down Symdrome). While that’s a little scary, the chances of it occurring are very low, so I’m not overly anxious about it. I’m more anxious about seeing our bean kicking about! You’d think after having a scan a couple of weeks ago, my stresses would be put to rest, but I’ve read so many horror stories of a perfectly healthy, growing baby who looked fine on a 7 week scan not showing a heartbeat at the 9/10 week scan, so my anxieties remain. According to numerous miscarriage risk sites, my level of risk is now minute, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying just a bit.


from (I think Wk 9 and Wk 10 should be the other way around)

The other reason I’m excited about this week is that we’re going to be telling people our news! It’s been so hard to keep a secret for this long, especially from family. We were originally going to wait until the end of the first trimester (the standard 12 week mark), but since we’re having the scan this week, I don’t see the point in holding out longer. If there’s a healthy baby on the screen on Thursday, the family is going to hear about it!

 The last reason this week is a bit of a milestone is because my app (Glow Nurture) finally shows a baby-looking picture! This was last week:

And this is today’s: 

Amazing, right? Only 3cm long, and yet it’s a proper baby looking grub! Now just to grow him/her bigger and bigger! Speaking of bigger and bigger, I made the mistake of jumping on the scales this morning. I’ve been swinging between about 0.5-1 kilo gain (1-2 pounds), but jumping on the scales I’m up 1.7 kilos (nearly 4 pounds). Must have been that curry I had for dinner! I have been eating quite a lot lately, but I seem to be constantly starving, so I figure if my body is telling me I need to eat, I’m gonna eat!

I also made the mistake of treating myself to a real coffee this morning (not decaf). Well, my digestion certainly had something to say about it! Not 15 minutes later and I was rushing to the toilet. Perhaps that 1.7kg gain has lessened slightly now…

I also shocked dear Mr Nester the other night with the extent of my hunger – we ordered takeaway chicken for dinner, and I shit you not, I turned caveman. Usually we strip the chicken, divvy it up, and make a nice salad or veggies to go with it. No such luck this time. As soon as that cooked bird came out of its bag, I was on it. Wild eyed, ripping chunks of flesh off the carcass and shoving them unceremoniously into my gaping yaw. I wish I was kidding. Mr Nester seemed to be considering using his knife and fork to fight me off, if only so he could also have some dinner. I ate close to half a chicken in the space of about 5 minutes. What a lady I am! Between that and the seemingly endless pregnancy gas, I am really vying against Princess Kate for most ladylike pregnant woman. Oh my.

Lastly, I made the mistake of thinking I was a normal, 30 year old woman on Friday night. I went out for dinner, then (oh God why?) dancing. I had a ball! Saturday morning Jane however, did not. I was fairly certain I’d been run over by a truck and had just forgotten about it. Every muscle in my body screamed at me yesterday, my head throbbed, and I had to lie down for, oooh, the entire day. I’m still not 100% recovered. No more dancing (in heels! What a moron!) in the near future, methinks. More trackies, less sparkly dresses. I barely fit into it, anyway.

Speak to you soon,

Jane xx

Pregnancy Week 9

Week: 9

Baby:  A green olive. We’re getting into proper food related references now, and it’s a little alarming at how quickly they seem to be increasing in scale. Each week, the length and weight almost double, which seems crazy. I know I’m bulking up a bit, but I’m very glad I’m not doubling in size!

What I’m cooking:  All those organs that have been growing over the last couple of weeks start working, including the brain. And while the fingers and toes are still webbed, my little olive no longer has a tail! Phew! No lizard baby for me.

Main symptom: HUNGER. I am constantly starving. I will eat my own weight in food, feel ok (still not full), then two hours later I am suddenly ravenous again! Thankfully the scales are yet to show much difference (I’m up a total of 0.7kg since we found out), so I must be needing this ridiculous increase in energy requirements!

What’s on this week: Business as usual. Counting down until next week when it all happens though – 11 week scan and the official announcing to all and sundry!

Week 9 comp

Hello there, and apologies at the tardiness of this post (and lack of other posts this week). Here we are, at Week 9! Things seem to be flying by at the moment, I keep looking in the mirror and thinking “what have I been eating?? Oh, hang on…”

As you can see from my progress photo, we’re heading towards bump city. I’m pretty sure a fair whack of that is still bloat (as evidenced by my inability to, erm, digest regularly, and my ever strengthening ability to let nothing but loud clouds of air through…I’m gorgeous, right?). I do feel more like there is something happening though – my stomach is much firmer, and the bump seems to start much lower than where my fat usually kicks in. I seem to be curving outwards from below the undie line, which makes me think that maybe this is the real thing. Also, as you’ll again notice from my update pick, the old milk jugs are changing in appearance. They’ve grown quite substantially, although the photo doesn’t show it. The main reason for this is that I’ve sworn off anything containing an underwire, so I’m basically living in sports-bra style crop tops. And by living in, I mean living in. The only time those babies come off is at shower time. So now instead of lovely perky ones, mine are smooshed into a uniboob, which pales in comparison to my expanding stomach.

Despite the related symptoms I’m still getting (tired, moody, seriously hungry, scatterbrained), most days I struggle to believe I’m pregnant. There’s only a teeny bump coming on at the moment, and still no sign of the dreaded morning sickness (I have been nauseous/queasy on occasion, and every now and then I’ll dry retch in the shower…oh yeah…). I end up with an ongoing combined feeling of luck at not heaving my guts up, and terror that it must mean something is wrong. In terms of the likelihood of getting morning sickness, the stats say around 75-80% will experience it. They do however class morning sickness as nausea, and/or vomiting. Not necessarily both. So I guess I have had it to some extent, but not enough to write home about (just enough to blag on endlessly to you! Lucky!).

So that’s me for now. Still keeping all of this a secret (although every time Mum calls I almost spill the beans), and still hoping against hope that all is going OK in there. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat an entire horse. Well cooked, of course.

Jane xx

Pregnancy Week 8

Week: 8 

Baby:  A raspberry (and apparently a large one at that!). I keep approximating the size between my fingers two or three times a day – it’s amazing how fast this little one grows! My little berry has also doubled in weight, from a measly 0.5 grams to a whopping 1 gram!

What I’m cooking:  This week is all about face, hands and feet. Features are starting to develop on that alien face, and fingers and toes are forming. We’re getting closer to human!

Main symptom: Still fatigue! Heading back to work this week and I have no idea how I’m going to cope – 2 hour afternoon naps have become the norm!

What’s on this week: Nothing official, although the game is on to hide my tiny bump from curious coworkers and students – it’s not completely obvious as yet, but it’s enough to wonder if I should be laying off the junk food!

Week 8 comp

Time seems to be both flying and crawling at the moment – I can’t believe I’m 8 weeks already and officially into the 3rd month of pregnancy (only 6 to go…shit!), but day to day seems to go so slowly. I don’t think it was helped by my miscalculation on the due date, so after my scan last week I went backwards by 2 days (even though the scan was showing 1 day ahead…). It was, however, completely amazing to see my little blob on screen, not yet wiggling about (that happens this week!), but with a strong heartbeat and at a great size. It’s put a lot of fears to rest for now, although Mr Nester and I will still be waiting for the next scan before we spill the beans to all and sundry. 

I’m still enormously lucky to be avoiding the serious onset of morning sickness, although as I type this on the train I’m not feeling 100%. I am getting bits and pieces, usually first thing in the morning or last thing at night, but if I eat something it usually subsides. I have heard of others being completely fine right up until about 10 weeks and then being horrendously sick though, so I won’t congratulate myself just yet!

On that rather green note I might leave it there, as the rocking of the train and my concentration on my phone is not a good combo. Blergh. 

Jane xx

Ultra- ultrasound!

Hello lovelies! I was going to put a well thought out and considered post for today’s events, but I just can’t seem to stop myself – we’re having a baby!!

We trooped off to the fertility specialist today for our first pregnancy ultrasound. It was again transvaginal (oh lovely), and I was absolutely packing it on the drive in. I had convinced myself that there would be nothing on the scan, and I was trying to mentally prepare myself for the bad news. Unfortunately, being the optimist that I am, I was also having little positive thoughts jump in as well – “what if there is something there?”, “imagine how amazing it would be to see a heart beat!”, and so on and so forth. So basically, I was a complete ball of nerves, swinging wildly from excited to terrified. I was trying to keep myself calm, and I must say one thing that helped a lot was revisiting a meditation I’d done last night, courtesy of the Mind the Bump pregnancy meditation app. I highly recommend it (you can check it out here – it’s Australian, so hopefully it’s available elsewhere too…), and returning to one of their exercises really helped me settle. Well, enough to focus on driving anyway. 

Mr Nester and I arrived at the clinic, and our lovely specialist ushered us in. I made a beeline straight for the ultrasound room, which made her laugh: “no chit chat then? Let’s get down to business!”.

As I said, the ultrasound was transvaginal again, as I’m quite early on in the pregnancy so it can be hard to make out much using the abdominal scan. I couldn’t look at the screen. I just couldn’t bring myself to look at the lack of baby that I had convinced myself would show up. I stared straight up at the ceiling, waiting for the specialist to give us the bad news. My heart was pounding as she moved the wand around, paused, and said,

“Oh the baby looks great!”

My eyes shot to the screen, and sure enough, there was our little Grub with its tiny heart beating away. 


You can see the yolk sac to the left, its head is at the top, and the start of little arm and leg buds poking out towards the right. 

I swear my jaw actually dropped – it was completely mesmerising, especially when she got a good steady picture and we could see the heart beat! A strong 156 beats per minute, which is perfect. She also said our Grub was measuring at exactly the right size: 7+ weeks. I had apparently done my dates wrong as I thought I should be 7 weeks and 5 days today, but according to my transfer date I’m 7w3d.

The feeling of relief was immediate, and intoxicating. Mr Nester and I were pretty overwhelmed, and we sort of leapt at each other in a tight hug after the scan (me naked from the bottom down – literally right after the scan!). I’ve been grinning like a fool all afternoon, as I can finally let myself believe what we’ve been so cautious of – we’re having a baby!!

My 8 week update will be shunted to Sunday now with our new dates, but I’m so excited to say that we’re officially pregnant. 

Smiling inanely,

Jane xx

Pregnancy Week 7

Week: 7

Baby: A blueberry – one of my very favourite berries. We’re getting to proper visible size now, even if my little berry still looks a little alien-like…

What I’m cooking: Lots of brains! (Not zombie style). My little berry’s brain is developing at a crazily fast rate, with 100 new brain cells created every minute – if only mine were doing the same!

Main symptom: Anxiety. This is the furthest I’ve been in pregnancy by quite a stretch, and I’m past the point where pregnancy tests are useful. Having symptoms makes me feel like crap (mainly fatigue still!), but having no symptoms makes me completely freak out.

What’s on this week: Still on holidays, but this week is a biggie – my first ultrasound! Massive fingers crossed for a wiggling little blueberry with a strong heart rate.

Week 7 comp

This week has been an odd one, swinging between all the symptoms under the sun: fatigue, nausea, insanely sore boobs, abdominal stretchy type cramps, bloating, mood swings and pimple breakouts. Then, the next day, nothing. Oh, the fatigue is still there, as always (I don’t know how I’m going to survive when I have to go back to work, with my daily 2-3 hour naps, and sleeping around 10 hours a night!), but sometimes fatigue is all I have. Which makes me stress. And stress, and stress. It’s bloody hard to keep a level head with my thoughts swinging from cot buying to miscarriage by the hour. I’m really hoping that the scan this week will put some of my fears at bay. I’m also guessing the amount of hormones pumping through my system at the moment is having some influence on my ever swinging moods and emotions…

Now I’m in the Week 7 zone (today is 7w2d, I’m running a little behind!), the risk of a miscarriage has dropped substantially, to under 5%. This is a huge relief, however most of these statistics are based on having had an ultrasound where a heartbeat can be seen. So, that brings me to Wednesday – my first scan! From what I’ve read, it should be a transvaginal scan (all about those here), especially as for one of these I don’t need to drink water beforehand (which they haven’t asked me to do). This should provide a clearer picture and chance of seeing/hearing the heartbeat than a standard abdominal ultrasound. I’m completely counting down the minutes until the scan – although I’m sure I’ll find something else to worry myself over, knowing that my little berry is growing, is at the right level of progress and has a strong heartbeat will be a huge comfort.

So, as you can tell, I’m a bit of a nervous wreck this week, swinging between all the symptoms and none of them. This whole pregnancy thing is a scary roller coaster at times, I want to enjoy each week so much, however the nerves get to me so often it makes it tricky to actually believe there is anything going on at all, or that if there is, I can’t help thinking it all might end tomorrow. I obviously need to work on my positivity!

Until Wednesday’s scan,

Jane xx