Pregnancy Week 8

Week: 8 

Baby:  A raspberry (and apparently a large one at that!). I keep approximating the size between my fingers two or three times a day – it’s amazing how fast this little one grows! My little berry has also doubled in weight, from a measly 0.5 grams to a whopping 1 gram!

What I’m cooking:  This week is all about face, hands and feet. Features are starting to develop on that alien face, and fingers and toes are forming. We’re getting closer to human!

Main symptom: Still fatigue! Heading back to work this week and I have no idea how I’m going to cope – 2 hour afternoon naps have become the norm!

What’s on this week: Nothing official, although the game is on to hide my tiny bump from curious coworkers and students – it’s not completely obvious as yet, but it’s enough to wonder if I should be laying off the junk food!

Week 8 comp

Time seems to be both flying and crawling at the moment – I can’t believe I’m 8 weeks already and officially into the 3rd month of pregnancy (only 6 to go…shit!), but day to day seems to go so slowly. I don’t think it was helped by my miscalculation on the due date, so after my scan last week I went backwards by 2 days (even though the scan was showing 1 day ahead…). It was, however, completely amazing to see my little blob on screen, not yet wiggling about (that happens this week!), but with a strong heartbeat and at a great size. It’s put a lot of fears to rest for now, although Mr Nester and I will still be waiting for the next scan before we spill the beans to all and sundry. 

I’m still enormously lucky to be avoiding the serious onset of morning sickness, although as I type this on the train I’m not feeling 100%. I am getting bits and pieces, usually first thing in the morning or last thing at night, but if I eat something it usually subsides. I have heard of others being completely fine right up until about 10 weeks and then being horrendously sick though, so I won’t congratulate myself just yet!

On that rather green note I might leave it there, as the rocking of the train and my concentration on my phone is not a good combo. Blergh. 

Jane xx

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