Pregnancy Week 11

Week: 11

Baby:  A lime – we’re out of the nuts and berries phase! Into the fruit with a vengeance. A lime seems like a pretty decent size, even if my pic this week seems to show less bump, not more…where is that little lime-baby?

What I’m cooking:  I’m officially growing fingernails this week, and the placenta has kicked into gear, which means the symptoms should start lessening soon, and I should be able to hopefully start sleeping for less than 18 hours a day…

Main symptom: ZZZZZZZZZ. That is all.

What’s on this week: Not a great deal, although I’m starting to creep closer to the end of the first trimester! Oh, and the best part of all – last week of Crinone applicators! (See here for all the horrors…).

Week 11 comp

Last week was a biggie – as I mentioned in my post last week, we were heading off for the Nuchal Translucency (NT) screening, and we were telling the family and close friends that we were expecting. Well! Most of that happened…Let me explain.

On Thursday, Mr Nester and I headed off to get my First Trimester screening blood test – all good. Not long after that was the scan. It was booked in for midday, and the receptionist had told me when I booked that one hour before, I had to drink 1L of water in 15 minutes. So, at 11am, there I was staring at a litre of water. Now, I drink my fair share of water, especially since I’ve been pregnant. I reckon I would quite easily drink 1.5-2 litres each day. 1 litre in 15 minutes however was another story. Especially with a pregnant lady bladder. I managed to force it down, and I swear it was lapping at the back of my throat as we drove off to the ultrasound clinic. Not a nice experience. But hey, didn’t matter because I was about to see my little bean again! Wasn’t I?

The scan itself should have been fairly straight forward – I had booked in a month or so ago, and had given the receptionist my due date. She said nothing. So I was expecting everything to run smoothly. I arrived at the clinic, waddled into the scan room, and lay down on the bed. The technician asked me what my due date was, I rattled it off and looked toward the screen, waiting to see the little wiggling baby within. Before they even put the gel on my stomach, there was a hesitation.

“When did you say your due date was?”…errr, 22nd November, like I said when I booked.

“Oh, no, you’re too early. You need to be 12 weeks for this scan.”

But my GP had said between 10 and 12 weeks! And I told the receptionist when I booked what my due date was, and she said nothing!

“Oh, no, they can’t work out the due date every time, you have to tell them how far along you’ll be.”

Sorry? The receptionist, who must do ONE THOUSAND bookings for pregnancy scans every month, can’t work out how far along I’ll be? Could she have ASKED ME THEN?

At this point, as you may have guessed, I was becoming slightly vexed. I had taken the day off work for the scan, and I was basically being told too bad, come back in 2 weeks. Mr Nester was looking  more and more wary of his increasing furious pregnant wife, and told me later he nearly whispered to the technician that pissing me off right now was not a great idea…!

Thankfully, the technician then suggested we “have a quick look anyway”. Good thinking, technician man – top tip for instantly calming a pregnant woman: show her her baby moving about in her uterus. This scan, although brief, was completely amazing. I gasped watching the screen, as my little bean performed a full-body jump while we were watching. Incredible. Here’s the slightly blurrier still from the scan, looking much more baby-like than our Week 7 one!

Just incredible. And so anxiety-reducing to see our baby moving about, and measuring ahead of where he/she should be! (Measured 11 weeks exactly, and I was 10 weeks 4 days at the time). Phew. Big phew.

That night was “ring-around time”. We called all of our parents, and our siblings, and told them the news. No-one was expecting it after what we’ve been going through with Mr Nester, so the shrieks of surprise were pretty fantastic. We had a lot of joy through the phone and Skype that night, it’s so lovely sharing such happy news.

Friday I told work, another big weight off, as now I don’t have to hide my (mainly bloat) bump anymore. Plus I can tell people what’s going on week to week, which has been so hard to keep to myself!

So, like I said, a big week last week. This one should be less action-packed, and next week we have the re-booked NT scan, so stay tuned for that one. Even if it is an inconvenience, we get to see our Grub again! 🙂

Jane xx

P.S. Not long now until I hit the 2nd Trimester! How exciting!

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