The First Hospital Appointment

My apologies at my lack of blogging – I meant to write this for you on Friday, but life got in the way! It hasn’t helped that work is crazy busy at the moment, and my body has decided that this is a perfect time to shut down and catch the latest virus going around. Sore throat, headache for 5 days straight, all the good stuff.

Anyway. I’m meant to be talking about Friday! We had our first hospital appointment, and as I said, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. We headed up to the maternity area, where I sat in a waiting room with some very pregnant women and waited for my name to be called. I also had to weigh myself, and unfortunately for me it seems the hospital scales are about half a kilo heavier than mine at home, so I look like I’ve really beefed up according to them!

After a little while (they were very busy), one of the midwives called my name and we headed on in. She was, in a word, lovely. Very chatty, positive, and kind. The (public) hospital we’re booked into has a range of options regarding the birth, from the standard hospital routine to shared care (you go to the GP for most appointments), to the option we picked, called Team Maternity. This basically means we’re put into a team of midwives, and meet a different one at each appointment. There are 8 in total in the team, and so the chances of one of them being on when I go into labour are pretty high. I can only hope the rest of the midwives are as lovely as the first. She basically asked me a bunch of questions about my medical history, asked for my weight, and chased up blood test results. She talked to us about the next appointment, what would happen then, and if I had any questions. I also then had to wander off and get some blood tests to check that all was still looking good.

That was it! Short and sweet, with the only disappointment being that the hospital was already full for my 20 week scan, so I had to book privately instead.

The midwife called me back later that day with my blood test results (quick service!), and let me know that my iron was quite low, so I’m back on the high strength iron tablets. So far no adverse side effects (they tend to block me up, and with pregnancy already doing a pretty good job of that I was worried about the double up!), and I’m hoping they’ll assist with my recent lack of energy.

One other area I’m still a little undecided about after the appointment is the antenatal classes. We spoke to both the midwife (very helpful) and the class coordinator (completely unhelpful) about classes, and while the hospitals used to offer them for free, they now incur a $150 fee. They seem decidedly vague, with 5 x 2 hour sessions covering what I presume most of the books already cover, except for the hospital tour. The midwife suggested CalmBirth classes instead, and while they seem fantastic (they focus more on pain management strategies and techniques rather than fear), they are also $500. Something I need to think about. I think if I don’t do the more expensive one, I’ll probably wish I had, but at the moment that’s a lot of money to spend on something that’s not vital.

So, a few things now sorted, a few more on the to do list, and yet still more to make decisions about. All in all though, it was a nice experience at the hospital and I’m looking forward to meeting the other midwives on my team.

Week 14 update coming shortly!

Jane xx

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