Pregnancy Week 14

Week: 14

Baby:  A lemon (but sweeter!) – I’ve changed references for my baby sizes week to week, as I disagree with the one I’ve been using. In my mind, an orange is smaller than an avocado, and so this app and I have had to agree to disagree.

What I’m cooking:  Weight is again doubling, which may explain my increased weight (20g of baby equates to a kilo or two of Jane-weight, right?). The baby is also learning to swallow the amniotic fluid, which may result in hiccups in the next few weeks (super cute!)

Main symptom: Hmmm, some kind of bug hit me this week, so it’s been 5 days straight of headaches – not the greatest symptom, and I am particularly whiney with headaches. I find it very hard to concentrate on anything other than my hurting head.

What’s on this week: A bit of a getaway! We’re heading to the country for a couple of nights to catch up with family, which I’m very much looking forward to – with all the rush of the last few weeks, it’ll be lovely to rest up for a day or two.

Week 14 comp

Where did my bump go? It was right here a minute ago – well, a week ago – and now it’s gone! OK, so it’s still there a little bit, but it has deflated slightly. I’m putting it down to my digestion returning to a more normal state, and so the bloating has somewhat dissipated. I still have the hard tummy from the bellybutton down, but otherwise it once again looks like I just need to go for a run. Which I really don’t. Really. I had to break into a brisk jog the other day to catch a train. I jogged/power walked for about a minute, and I thought my uterus was going to fall out. It’s just extremely uncomfortable. I don’t know how the fit-preggos do it! I’ve been trying to psych myself up to do yoga for weeks, with zero success so far. Whoo! Go me! That explains the paunch…

On that note, I’m planning to try some prenatal yoga this week, as my attempts as documented above are pretty pitiful. I figure going somewhere and paying for the privilege might make me do it more…I’m meant to go Thursday night, so we’ll see how that pans out. If you don’t hear from me, expect the worst (yep – I’ll be on the couch eating pizza instead).

What else? Well, this week has brought constant headaches and a sore throat, which is just fab. I’m terrible with headaches, and having experienced migraines quite regularly until a few years ago, I’m always very aware when a headache might be taking a turn for the worse. I’ve been trying very hard to go the natural route – heat packs, baths, essential oils – but it just hasn’t cut it, so the paracetamol (the Aussie version of Tylenol) has made an appearance every couple of days. I’ve been told that it’s perfectly safe to take while pregnant, but it still makes me nervous taking drugs when I know my lovely little lemon-baby is kicking about in there.

Speaking of kicking about, I’m pretty sure I felt some flutters this morning – super light, and more like a muscle twitch than anything else, but it was there, and it wasn’t gas or stomach rumblings. Mr Nester has also said he thinks he can feel the little Grub squirming about, he must have a much more sensitive hand than I do, because all I can feel is my really quite obnoxious pulse. Move aside, heart beat, I want to feel my baby!

I booked in our 20 week scan today, which was very exciting, and not only because they didn’t tell me to drink a litre of water before the appointment! This will be the scan where we hopefully find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. I’m starting to doubt my strong belief that we’re having a boy, as I keep being told by other mothers that they were convinced they were having x, and they ended up with y (can you tell I teach Maths?). It will be so exciting to get confirmation, and not because I can go and buy pink or blue things (I hate that gender-stereotype shit), but just so we can start getting our heads around what life awaits us in about 6 months’ time!

I’m really hoping when I give you the update next week, it will come with a bump photo that has an actual bump in it, and more stories of my squirmy little baby.

Until then,

Jane xx

One thought on “Pregnancy Week 14

  1. g2the4thpower says:

    It’s amazing how girls are naturally drawn to pink as much as you try to avoid it. Ours was/is anyway. We were very anti gender specific colours & toys, but… She always went for pink from a super young age. Go figure! For toys she’s pretty tomboy or well rounded though. She loves her blocks, trucks & machines, but she also loves gardening and cooking. I had a feeling DD was going to be a girl, and I was right! There is a whopping 50% chance you’re having a boy!

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