Reaching my limits

I was going to get so much done today. This is the first day of a long weekend, and I have tons of stuff I want to get done. Today, I was going to clean the house, do some yoga, get into my marking, sort through my non- maternity clothes and pack away the “definitely won’t fit anymore” ones, oh and make cordial. It was going to be a hell of a productive day. 
You know what I did today? Woke up, coughing. Got up at 11. Ate breakfast. Went back to bed at 12:30pm. Just woke up then. It’s 5:00pm. And I feel like shit. Today is not looking good for getting things done, and tomorrow’s not exactly going to be a whirlwind, going by how I’m feeling at the moment. 


What I hit today. (The brick wall, not the bench.)

I’ve realised today that I’m pregnant. I know, I sound extremely thick. But I think the reality is sinking in as to what exactly my body is doing at the moment. It’s like (geeky analogy coming) running the biggest couple of programs on my computer, while trying to open all the normal ones I usually use. Oh, and the computer has a virus (it’s me, I’m the computer. *cough cough*).
It’s one of those things, especially in this early part of the second trimester. I don’t really have much of a bump, I’m not getting many symptoms, so I’m just getting on with life as usual. Until my body hits its limit and goes

“Nuh uh. No you don’t. I’m done. I’m going to bed.” – my body

It’s made me realise that I really need to start slowing down, because this shit isn’t going to get easier. Sure, I’ll forget again and crash in a heap again in the not too distant future, but for this weekend, I’m not going to give myself a hard time for slowing down and looking after me. Grub and I both need it, I think. 

Jane xx

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