Pregnancy Week 16

Week: 16

Baby: An avocado! I had another moment this week where I realised I was eating my baby, mid mouthful. It’s these disturbing occurrences that make me consider finding non edible representations of Grub. Still, he/she was pretty yummy.

What I’m cooking: a wriggle pot! Baby is squirming away under all that fat/muscle/skin (mainly fat!), and is starting to practice grasping. I’ve felt a few squirms, either when I’m in the bath and everything’s floating, or if I’m lying on my stomach – Grub is not a fan of being squished!

Main symptom: A great big kick in the guts this week (not from Grub!) – I’ve been smashed with the cold that’s going around, and with this along with constant headaches, I’ve been a big ball of waaaah.

What’s on this week: a countdown to the holidays! This week is a big one at school, with mid year exams and report writing, so of course the perfect time for me to be sick as a dog. Playing catch up this weekend (on work as well as the blog), so I’m feeling a little frazzled.

Week 16 comp

My humble apologies at my uselessness in blogging this week, but I have had a good excuse – I’ve been in bed for pretty much the entire week. Apparently being pregnant is not at all helpful when you get the virus that’s been going around – I’ve had every symptom under the sun: sore throat, constant headaches, runny/stuffed nose, throaty cough, aching muscles, enormous fatigue. So basically I’ve been the life of the party this week. The added benefit is that I would normally smash anything like this with some cold and flu tablets, but I’m restricted to plain old paracetamol, and I feel guilty even taking that. Thankfully, my doc was lovely and gave me the whole week off (I had to force myself in one day to get everything organised), so I’ve been feeling sorry for rmyself at home for a week straight! Lucky ol’ Mr Nester.

I’ve been able to cope with most of the symptoms this week, apart from the headaches. I’m completely useless with a headache, and I also have the incredible ability to turn a normal, annoying headache into a full blown migraine, so I have been particularly down in the dumps this week. After reading all the natural remedies and giving them a go (apparently headaches are an enormously common second trimester symptom), and having none of them work, I bit the bullet and booked in for a massage yesterday. My masseuse started working on my back, and within about 30 seconds said “yep, I can see why you’ve been having pain, it’s nasty in here!”. After an hour on the table with her, I felt like a new person. And for the first time in three weeks, I woke up this morning without a headache. Hurray! So I’m feeling a lot more positive today than I’ve felt for the last little while.

Mr Nester and I have also been talking nursery design, which is crazy exciting. I’ve been posting on Pinterest like a mad thing (check me out here), but I thought I’d share a couple of nursery shots that I’m hoping to emulate:




So as you can see we’re aiming for a nice neutral nursery, both in regards to gender and colour palette. We are planning to find out the sex of the baby (in almost 2 weeks! Eek!), but I’ve never been a fan of the pink/blue gender assignment, so we’ll be going natural/neutral with some pops of colour.

We’ve actually ordered the exact prints from the first image from the Animal Print Shop, because they are just too perfect for words. Also, as we’re renting, we’ll be looking into some wall decals instead of painting – the room is already a nice coffee colour (it’s actually the room I take my update pics in) so some coloured accents should set it off beautifully.

I missed yoga this week due to being sick, but I’ve booked myself in for next week, and I’m very much looking forward to the stretch session – my ab muscles are straining at the moment, so I’m guessing Operation: Bump is in progress!

Week 17 to follow in the next day or so, assuming I get my act in gear (unlikely…sorry!)

Jane xx


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