Pregnancy Week 20

Week: 20

Baby: Sticking with the tropical theme, and making me yearn for sunshine, Grub this week is the size of a banana! Which reminds me, I should be eating more bananas.

What I’m cooking: A suddenly much bigger baby! Measurements this week change from head-to-bum, to head-to-toe length, as Grub is now stretched out enough to get an accurate measurement. He/she is focused on gaining weight, and is starting to develop more consistent sleeping patterns. I’m noticing much more movement at night now.

Main symptom: Hip pain – my right hip has been aching pretty much every morning, which I’m putting down to a combo of an adjusting pelvis and the cold weather.

What’s on this week: Everything! On Tuesday we have the anatomy scan (we’re we’ll be finding out if we’re having a boy or a girl!), Friday is another hospital appointment, and in between there somewhere is the pram delivery! Along with that, we are definitely putting the crib together. No excuses, Mr Nester!

Week 20 comp
The middle of pregnancy is a funny thing. While I’m now much more aware that I’m growing a person (Grub has been kicking up a storm this week!), the lack of other symptoms, along with the lack of a well defined bump is making me forget what my body’s going through. Until, that is, I eat too much, sit at the wrong angle, try to get up quickly, or burst into tears for some minor reason. Mr Nester thinks I’ve been the happiest he’s seen me, ever. I’m consistently upbeat, smiling, and bursting into laughter, which has been lovely. I think experiencing such an exciting time, plus happy hormones is giving me a much sunnier outlook than usual. Not that I’m all doom and gloom otherwise, it’s perhaps just a little more balanced.

On the other side of the coin, I’m also weeping with increasing regularity. Yesterday I broke down over packing away my clothes that no longer fit me. What’s strange is that I’m loving my new shape, and the growing bump, but I think it’s been a while since I’ve felt attractive, sexy, appealing, however you want to put it. Having shaved my head (for charity) back in February, and steadily putting on weight in this pregnancy, I’m feeling very unlike my old self. I think it took putting my dresses in a suitcase for that to sink in. I’m also badly in need of a haircut, which isn’t helping. I realised yesterday that I’m basically wearing only my “comfy” gear at the moment, whether at work, home or heading out. All my fancy stuff no longer fits, so it’s tricky to feel like I’m really bringing it when I’m in tights and a flowy top. Anyway. That culminated in me sobbing to Mr Nester, who of course being the champion that he is was telling me how gorgeous I looked. What a star. It was a moment of weakness, but one that stems from trying for my entire adult life to stay fit, healthy, and be able to rock it when I wanted to. That has changed slightly for the moment, but I know I’ll get back there after the baby’s born. It just seems a long way away at the moment!

I’m also counting down to the next scan (tomorrow!!). This is a biggie – it’s the anatomy scan, which is apparently quite intensive – they check out basically everything about Grub, including all organs (making sure the heart has 4 chambers, etc etc), and taking a bunch of measurements. The very exciting part of this scan is we get to find out the sex! I still think it’s a boy, but I really have no preference either way. I feel for people who are desperate for one specific sex, but I think either way it’s an adventure. We’re hoping to have two kids, total, and it would be a completely different experience having one of each, or two of the same, but I think any combination would be just as exciting. I’m not going to mourn the loss of whatever people generally classify as having with a boy or a girl, because I’m sure the experiences will be just as special with either.

I’d love to keep writing to tell you about the other things that have been going through my mind this week, but to be perfectly honest, there’s not been anything else. I’m either laughing, weeping, or thinking about the scan tomorrow! I’ll provide an update tomorrow night, and I might even tell you what we’re having! I’d say I won’t be able to sleep tonight, but I sleep like the dead, regardless of what’s going on.

Until tomorrow,

Jane (and unidentified baby!) xx

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