The Anatomy Scan…and the sex!

Today was the anatomy scan day, and just like last time, I was completely calm and chilled, until it was time to go to the imaging clinic. Driving there, my heart started racing, and all I could think of is what would happen if something was wrong. I wasn’t concerned about the sex at all, being almost certain it was a boy.

The scan itself was, well, long. And very quiet. We didn’t get to find out the sex until right at the end, and the scan itself took about 45 minutes. The technician checked everything. The head, brain, nose, jaw, palate, heart, stomach, kidneys, arm bones, leg bones, hands, feet, and of course the sex. She spent absolutely forever looking at the heart, which completely freaked both Mr Nester and I out. She was zooming in and out, taking photo after photo of what seemed to be the same image, and not saying a word. I finally brought myself to ask if everything was looking ok, and she glanced up, looked at me, and said…

“Yes! Everything looks good.”

Thank fuck for that! Seriously, you’d think with the amount of pregnancy scans these people must do, they’d develop a bit more of a bedside manner. Way to stress out a pregnant lady!

Of course, our baby was looking amazingly perfect, and behaved beautifully throughout the scan (can that continue, please?). The only issue was Grub didn’t want to give us a good look at its face, its hand was covering most of its face for the majority of the scan, although we did get this shot:

20 week scan

And so, we reached the end of the scan, and the technician asked if we’d like to know the sex (she said gender, which annoyed me, but I managed to keep it to myself), and I nearly cut her off with my “yes please!”. She manoeuvred the ultrasound wand around to get the “potty shot”, and after a little adjustment, got a clear confirmation of…


Mr Nester and I were so shocked we both responded with a “Really? Are you sure?” – I had been certain from the very beginning that it was a boy, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind. So to be told we were having a girl was quite a shock, and I’m still having to adjust to the new idea. I’m crazy excited, of course. A girl! A beautiful, strong, independent girl to bring into the world, to make waves and push boundaries. Or not. Her choice, of course. But how wonderful to be able to have a mother-daugher relationship, to see her grow into a young woman, and hopefully be able to help her along the way.

I’m also very excited about shopping for her, although I’m trying to steer clear of the “princess”/sequins/frills/pastel pink overload – I don’t mind a bit of that, mixed in, but I despair at the cotton candy explosion that seems to dominate in girls’ clothing stores.

The only other issue is the name. We had been so sure it would be a boy, our list of boys names far outweighed anything we’d come up with for a girl. Now, the boys’ names are on ice (until possibly Baby #2 – watch out Mr Nester!), and Mr Nester and I are deep in discussion about potential baby girl names.

On that note, I’m off to have my dinner, so from my baby girl and I, see you next time!

Jane xx


10 thoughts on “The Anatomy Scan…and the sex!

  1. g2the4thpower says:

    Wonderful that all was looking good!! Omg I can imagine how my heart will be pounding too when I go for mine in a couple weeks! A girl!!!! I am head over heels with my little girl, and you’re so right about the pink girly princessy shit out there. We avoided it for a long time, but funny enough she is actually drawn to a lot of it. She’ll actually choose pink a lot of the time. Oh well, at least she pulls it off well and still likes non girly stuff! Congrats on your great scan, what a relief!

  2. Little Miss Muffet says:

    Congrats ! In India, gender(sorry!!) sex-determination is punishable act. Before, every scan we are made to sign form of declaration that we have no clue about the sex of the baby ..blah blah…! I think I have to settle for neutral colors like yellow or lime green for my baby’s clothes.

    • Jane says:

      Oh wow, really? Is there an issue with people wanting one sex more than the other? I guess it builds the surprise at the end though! 🙂

  3. Lisa Kimberly says:

    Haha, the ‘gender vs sex’ thing always bugs me too, since they’re completely different things. And I’m with you on the whole avoiding the pink/frilly stuff for girls, it’s just not my jam. And which my own mother cannot seem to grasp. When I tell her I’ve been finding tons of cute stuff for girls that aren’t pink or purple, she insists it’s not possible 🙂

    Yay for having a girl!

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