Pregnancy Week 32

Week: 32

Baby: A winter squash – pumpkin baby! Now we’re getting into the really big veggies. Grub weighs nearly two kilos this week! No wonder those scales keep on climbing…

What I’m cooking: An all seeing, all hearing, touching, tasting and smelling baby! Grub’s using all of her senses now to understand her uterine world, which is becoming cosier by the minute! Grub should be pretty much set in the foetal position now, as she doesn’t have enough room to stretch out anymore.

Main symptom: General tiredness – amazingly, all my hayfever and rib pain symptoms have eased up (thank goodness for holidays!), so my only symptom at the moment is wanting to sit down a lot. Great for my rest and relaxation, not great for my to do list.

What’s on this week: More holidays! Another week of rest and relaxation, combined with frantic cleaning and organisation, before I’m back at work for the final 5 weeks. It’s getting seriously real now!

Week 32 comp

Another week, another midwife appointment. Now that we’re getting to the pointy end of the pregnancy, the frequency of the hospital appointments picks up quite dramatically. I’m now booked in every two weeks, which is great for being able to hear Grub’s heartbeat and know that everything is ok, but I keep expecting each appointment to have something distinct that needs testing/checking, whereas they all seem to be the blood pressure, fundal height and heartbeat. Fine by me, it’s lovely hearing Grub’s heart beating away nice and strong, even while she’s squirming away in there!

I had a day of nesting yesterday, meaning I went hell for leather cleaning out sections of our house. There’s still quite a bit to do in that sense, but it’s more of a need for a general tidy up rather than an enormous spring clean. I pretty much scrubbed our bedroom from top to bottom yesterday, wiping down all the surfaces (that were hideously caked with dust…housewife extraordinaire I am not!), cleaning the window, dusting, tidying, decluttering. We also swapped sides on the bed, as I want to be nearer to the bassinette and the door for when we bring junior home. On top of that, I cleaned out our entry area in our house, reorganising the storage there and getting rid of the rubbish so we have room to store the pram – it’s been sitting in the nursery since we bought it, and having to wheel it through our beige-carpeted house after it’s been outside does not seem ideal to me. So, more cleaning!

Today was meant to be a work day, time for me to get ahead for the next 5 weeks at school, but I just can’t bring myself to get off the couch at the moment, so it might just have to wait. I still have a few days before I’m back into the swing of school, so hopefully inspiration will strike sometime between now and then. Either way, the work always gets done, so I’m not too concerned.

Otherwise, I have my baby shower this weekend, which I’m very excited about – I have no idea what’s happening on the day, as my friends are organising it for me, but I’m planning on giving the house a once-over before then as well, so my friends don’t see what a grot I really am! It should be a fun day, and it’ll be lovely to see everyone before I get too whale-like.

In terms of my to do list from last week, we’re looking a little better, but still a little way to go:

  • clean out the built in robe in the nursery close enough!
  • hang pictures in the nursery
  • wipe down/clean out our bedroom done! I’m still tasting the dust!
  • check second hand nappies for elastic slackening I found 6 that needed the leg elastics replaced
  • replace elastics in nappies where needed nearly! 2 to go.
  • buy car seat
  • buy nappy bag
  • start on wedding present for a friend (artwork…eeek!)
  • check out other daycare centre close by
  • start making freezer meals
  • organise hard rubbish collection
  • put away baby clothes
  • organise carpets to be steam cleaned
  • get car serviced
  • start on student reports for school started, not finished…

So, all in all not too bad. Managing to get quite a lot of these done, as well as have a break, has made for a pretty good balance these holidays. I’m hoping I’m not too wiped out in the next 5 weeks, and then in the two weeks maternity leave after that, to get more done.

Lucky last, I started packing my hospital bag today. I haven’t really bothered with any of my clothes, as I’ll still be wearing them up until fairly close to labour, but I’ve put in the recommended amount of baby stuff – bloody hell! I’m only there for 2 nights, and yet I seem to need enough outfits to last about 2 weeks. I’m a little concerned as to what my washing pile will be looking like if this is the required standard! Maybe I should go and buy some more…

Jane xx

Pregnancy Week 31

Week: 31

Baby: A lettuce – ho hum. I can’t say the thought of a whole lettuce inside of me is particularly inspiring…healthy, but not inspiring.

What I’m cooking: A footballer, it seems! Grub has been kicking up a storm this week, which ties into her getting even bigger and stronger. She’s also worked out how to get a foot up and under my ribs, just for fun. Thanks, Grub. How very kind…

Main symptom: The rib is almost completely better now, and the hayfever has subsided, so now I’m down to the itchy eyes (improving, but still enormously annoying) and general aches and pains. A good week!

What’s on this week: Holidays! Oh thank goodness. I was hanging on by a thread last week, so it’s lovely to have 2 weeks to recuperate and reenergise. There’s a shitload that we need to do in these holidays in terms of organisation for November, but that’s fine. It’s just lovely being home.

Week 31 comp

Aaaah, holidays. A place where I can fall into a heap and not emerge for two weeks. This time around, I also have the added bonus of warmer weather, so it’s basically heaven. I’m loving waking up without an alarm (even if I do pretty much wake up at 7am on the dot), love pottering about the house with a coffee, spending time with Mr Nester, and getting things marked off my to-do list. There’s a lot of stuff on that list. So far, I plan to do the following in these holidays (and remember, I’m nearly half way through the break already):

  • clean out the built in robe in the nursery (almost there!)
  • hang pictures in the nursery
  • wipe down/clean out our bedroom
  • check second hand nappies for elastic slackening
  • replace elastics in nappies where needed
  • buy car seat thank you target – half price Safe n’ Sound!
  • buy nappy bag Target again, $40 (no way I’m spending $150 on a bag for dirty nappies!)
  • start on wedding present for a friend (artwork…eeek!)
  • check out other daycare centre close by
  • start making freezer meals
  • organise hard rubbish collection
  • put away baby clothes
  • organise carpets to be steam cleaned
  • get car serviced
  • start on student reports for school

So, as you can see, I have actually done a few of these, but there’s still a mountain ahead of me, and no, it’s not just my stomach. Speaking of my stomach though, I have certainly noticed a step up in the amount of growth over the past couple of weeks. I feel properly pregnant now, with all the sore muscles and joints that come along with it. It’s not particularly a specific pain, it’s more a general ache if I sit in a less than optimal position for too long. Ditto if I don’t put my feet up often enough in the day. I was at our prenatal classes last night, and I could barely stand at the end of it from the pain in my tailbone, just from sitting on a less than couch-like chair for a couple of hours.

Shopping-wise, I picked up a couple of bargains from Target as I mentioned above. I’m not one to skimp when something’s really important, but I also don’t buy in to a lot of the marketing hype surrounding so much of the baby shopping experience. The biggest annoyance I have is the nappy bag, or diaper bag for the US readers. I just can’t justify spending $150 or more on a bag that will carry poo-ey nappies. I have a handbag, a lovely one, but it can annoy me sometimes having to lug it around, so adding another enormous tote for god-knows-what seems overkill to me. As such, I was looking at nappy backpacks instead, so that Mr Nester could also use it without feeling too prissy. Target saved me here, with the Fisher Price backpack below. It’s a good size, has heaps of pockets, and wasn’t stupidly expensive. We also grabbed a car seat, as it was half price (Target do this for this particular seat twice a year, so it’s not because it has problems). I researched the seat before buying it, and it has great safety ratings and can be used from birth to 4 years old, so it seemed a no-brainer for me! Two big things ticked off the list.

The nappy backpack

the car seat

Otherwise, this week has been a much slower pace than the last two, allowing me time to recover a little, and get my head into the right place for the rapidly approaching labour. The antenatal classes have been great for information regarding the hospital, and last night’s one on breastfeeding was really good (even if they did tell me I’d bought the wrong bottles), but they haven’t done much to assist in preparation for labour. The midwife running the sessions has rightly said that labour is only one day, and the baby is for a lot longer than that, but I’m still very glad I’ve been attending my yoga classes and reading as much as I can, just to take the edge off the anxiety about the pain of labour.

I have another midwife appointment next week, and I’m sure you’ll hear from me soon to let you know I haven’t finished any of the things I’d hoped to…we’ll see!

Jane xx


There’s nothing better. This picture basically sums up how they’ve been so far:

Of course I’ve been a little busier than this, but this part is the most important. 

Jane xx

Pregnancy Week 30

Week: 30

Baby: A cabbage – ewww. Stinky baby this week, only ever redeemable covered in mayonnaise, coleslaw style, which of course I can’t eat.

What I’m cooking: A brainy baby, who’s also apparently looking around, and potentially getting in place for birth! Every scan I’ve had she’s been head down, bum up, which I guess is a good thing – I just hope she stays that way…hearing the issues with breech babies doesn’t fill me with glee!

Main symptom: My ribs have subsided slightly this week, thankfully, but hayfever has taken its place as the part of my body that’s falling apart. I’m able to take a nasal spray for relief, which has helped a great deal, but my eyes have developed into balls of itchy dryness, causing me to come very close to scratching them out. I’m really hoping I can get a handle on them soon, because I’m becoming insufferable with all of my whinging.

What’s on this week: The beginning of the 30s! Hopefully, the 30s in pregnancy are similar to the 30s in real life – I’ve been enjoying my thirtieth year so far! We also have another prenatal class, this time to scope out the labour ward…eeek!

Week 30 comp

Well, I’m definitely in the third trimester. I don’t seem to have a day go by without developing a symptom that makes me hate the world and moan to all and sundry. I ended up seeing the doctor about my sore rib, and he diagnosed me with costochondritis – an inflammation of the cartilage in the rib, which is causing the near constant pain. Of course, the best treatment is an anti-inflammatory, which I can’t take, so the next best thing is some strong painkillers, thankfully safe to take in pregnancy. He also confirmed that the best solution for my hayfever was a nasal spray (the exact one I’d picked up from the pharmacist), so I am now carrying a whole drug store worth of medication in the hope I’ll feel normal soon. On top of that, this week I’ve developed the dryest, itchiest eyes I’ve ever experienced. I’ve tried creams, sleep, showers, eye baths, everything natural I could think of to help, but I still nearly rub off the front of my eyes on a daily basis. I was back to the chemist today for relief, and the only thing I’m allowed to have are dry-eye eye-drops, not really dealing with the fact I’m pretty certain that this is hayfever related. However, it’s better than nothing. A drop in each eye every hour is making me far less murderous than I was.

I seem to be breaking apart at the seams at the moment, and I’m mainly putting this down to the fact that I’m running on empty. Being a teacher, I normally hit my limit by the end of each term, and spend the first few days of the term break in bed with the flu I’d been holding off. This time, everything’s multiplied as my stamina is not what it was, my immune system is much lower, and there’s a lot more going on with my body. Bring on the bloody holidays! Thank goodness they start this weekend.

Turning to something more positive, we had our second prenatal class this week, and while the discussion on birth complications (including the one I could barely bring myself to listen to – infant loss) was not my favourite, the tour of the labour ward was quite enlightening. It’s funny, I don’t know what I expected, but it seemed very clinical. I mean, obviously, right? It’s a hospital. But I somehow thought it would look more comfortable. It was very much a standard hospital room, although it was quite big, and had a storage cabinet full of birthing accoutrements – birth balls, mats, supports etc. There was also an ensuite, with only a shower. There is a bath available (quite a few actually), but they’re not specifically attached to the rooms, so it’s a matter of demand as to whether you get access. I made sure Mr Nester knew that I definitely wanted a bath once I got to the hospital – I’ve heard great things about the pain relief of being submerged in water, and baths have been my relaxation of choice for pretty much the entire pregnancy.

What else? We’re pretty much on the countdown now, last week of term, first week of the 30s, 10 weeks until the baby! We also picked up a change table on the weekend (another eBay buy – beautiful solid timber change table for $60!), so the nursery is starting to look close to finished. Oooh, one more thing as a money saver – we bought an app that acts as a baby monitor. Basically, you need an old iPhone or iPod to act as the actual monitor, then you log in as a parent on your own phone, or possibly also the iPad. It’s amazing. You can adjust the night light view to see when it’s pitch black in the room, hear them if they cry, you can talk to the baby through an intercom button, and you can play them music and white noise (both included). All for $6. Much cheaper than the hundreds of dollars for the standalone version! We’ve tried it out at home and it works perfectly. The best part is, both Mr Nester and I can log in at the same time, so we can use either phone, or see how they’re doing if one of us is out. If you’re interested, it’s called Cloud Baby Monitor, and you can find it here.

That’s it from me, I’ll be on holidays next week so expect a much more chilled out post!

Until then,

Jane xx

P.S. I never heard back from the hospital regarding my glucose tolerance test, so it looks like I’m in the clear! Hurray for no gestational diabetes!

Pregnancy Week 29

Week: 29

Baby: A cantaloupe (or if you’re an Aussie like me, a rockmelon) – back to the fruits! My stomach is helpfully taking cantaloupe shape as well this week, I’m starting to look very round!

What I’m cooking: A baby with energy, extra fat, dilating pupils and self temperature regulation! She’s getting to a proper size now, and I’m feeling every gram of it at the moment.

Main symptom: Ergh, don’t even talk to me about symptoms. My body seems to have decided to completely fall apart this week, and I’ll be visiting the GP in the next couple of days to rule out anything serious. More detail in my extended rant below.

What’s on this week: The start of the prenatal classes, and hopefully a result on my glucose tolerance test! Also, this is the last week of my 20s…in the pregnancy department, anyway!

Week 29 comp

Well, this week kicked my arse. I mentioned last week that I was having some rib pain, mainly when I sneezed or coughed. This week it has not improved. I’ve also picked up hayfever, so the sneezing has come in with a vengeance, meaning I’m in complete agony multiple times a day. Add picking up a cough with that, and the new inclusion of hurting when I breathe deeply, and basically I’m a whole bag of whinge at the moment. I mentioned the pain to a colleague at work a couple of days ago, and she told me to get checked, in case it was pleurisy, which is what she had when she was pregnant. I looked it up, it sounds horrible, but also very similar to what I’m currently experiencing. It’s basically a precursor to pneumonia, but should be able to be treated with antibiotics. I’ve booked in to see the doc on the weekend to rule this out, but he’d better give me something, or I might just have a breakdown in his office.

So, other than writhing in pain for most of the week (and telling anyone who’ll listen), I’ve also been off with Mr Nester to the first antenatal class at the hospital. It was, in a word, intense. While the midwife who took the class was lovely, the topic of the first class was labour, and they certainly didn’t pull any punches. I think she said the word “pain” about 50 times. Now, I get it. It’s going to hurt. But frequently mentioning how hard it is, and how it’s the worst pain you’ll ever experience, and then saying: “but don’t be scared”, isn’t that comforting. I would really rather spend the time learning pain management techniques and strategies, rather than watching a doll pop out of a bag with a placenta stuck on the end. We were also told about pain relief options, starting with sterile water injections (for back labour), and progressing to gas, morphine and then the epidural. I can’t say I was a fan of the side effects of either the morphine or the epi, but I’m certainly not ruling them out (considering how much pain I’ll apparently be in!). The pinnacle of cringe for the night was the midwife asking all the couples to dance together to “I am Woman, Hear me Roar”. God, kill me now. We of course watched the obligatory birth video, at which Mr Nester and I both turned into complete children as we both lost it at the bizarre name the woman had given her new baby. Call it nervous tension.

So, fear and sickness in the Nester household this week. I’m really hoping that next weeks brings some relief from all of these symptoms. Even more exciting, next week is the last week of term, so I’ll have two weeks to recuperate after that. I just have to get through those 5 days!

Yours from the sick bay,

Jane xx

The Glucose Tolerance Test

Friday was the hospital appointment I wasn’t looking forward to – the glucose test, to check for gestational diabetes. For those of you who haven’t been subjected to one of these, they vary in length, from a one hour to a three hour test. The standard at my hospital is a 2 hour test, with a series of blood tests and possibly the most disgusting drink ever. 

So, let’s begin at the beginning. Booking in for this test I was told to arrive as early as possible, and in the words of the midwife, “pathology opens at 7:00am, but people start arriving at 6:30am”. Great! Sounds fantastic – I would love nothing more than getting up at the crack of dawn to drink horrid crap and be drained of blood. Let’s go! Adding to this was the fact that I had to fast from 10:00pm the night before. So let’s sum up: take one pregnant woman, deny her food, make her get up crazy early, drain her of blood and ask her to wait for 2 hours. Awesome idea!

So that was pretty much the glucose test, in a nutshell. I had to get a blood test, then drink basically a bottle of sugar syrup (like lemonade to begin with, then like the most disgusting thing ever, then worse). I then waited an hour, had another blood test, waited another hour, had the last blood test. Then Mr Nester and I had breakfast out. I bloody well earned it!

I don’t find out the results until sometime this week, and if I hear from the hospital, it means I failed the test. They won’t call if I passed. So that means hoping my phone doesn’t ring until Friday, when I should be in the clear. 

There was one more element of Friday that was completely unexpected, and completely awesome. I was asked to be in a study that looks at the operation of the placenta in late pregnancy, which meant some more blood, and two extra ultrasounds. I said yes, mainly because it meant I got to see Miss Grub again. So in we went for the ultrasound, a little while after the glucose test. They measured a bunch of things, and happily Grub is measuring right on track, in the 60th percentile, so slightly bigger than average. Then, the awesome bit. The technician suggested we have a look at her face, and then…


3D!! I got to see a proper shot of my beautiful girl! She definitely has her Dad’s lips, and it looks like my widow’s peak as well. So exciting! Mr Nester and I were completely blown away. I spent pretty much the whole weekend just staring at this picture. The added bonus is we get to see her again in 8 weeks for the next scan, then a month after that she’ll be here for real!


On that smitten note, I’ll leave you until the 29 week update, coming soon. 

Jane xx

Pregnancy Week 28

Week: 28

Baby: A cauliflower – might have to cover the baby with cheese this week – I can’t say cauliflower is my favourite vegetable!

What I’m cooking: A little weightlifter! Baby is putting on some muscle this week, and has cracked the kilo barrier – now can I blame my weight gain on her?

Main symptom: Still these freaking ribs. Sneezing, coughing, laughing, stretching, lately it seems even just moving in general is making my ribs hurt. Come on baby, grow OUT, not UP!

What’s on this week: The dreaded Glucose Tolerance Test – I go in on Friday for this wonderful event, followed by a midwife appointment, followed by breakfast out because by then I will totally deserve it.

Week 28 comp

We’re still bumpin’ over here! Somehow I don’t think I’m going to stop saying that each week from now on. Apologies in advance. I’m still not feeling huge, although my joints have an alternate opinion – my hips are getting a little achy in the mornings, and my balance is starting to waver a little. Remind me not to climb up on anything anymore, will you? In an exciting development this week, I had my first seat offer on public transport! Ironically, I was bemoaning to my colleagues how no-one had asked me if I wanted to sit down on the way in to work that morning (and I was wearing my especially pregnanty dress), and then on the way home the clouds parted, the sun shone, and a lovely woman (about my age) offered me her spot on the train. I was so excited! I might have gushed a little too much when thanking her, but it’s so nice to finally be acknowledged as a pregnant lady! All I seem to have received so far is the “but you’re so small! You don’t look xx weeks!”, so it’s nice to have the confirmation that I don’t just look chunky.

I also was a little naughty this week and had a sip of Mr Nester’s red wine. I know the current research shows that 2-3 standard drinks a week is completely fine, but I’m majorly paranoid and have pretty much completely abstained since January. So on Sunday night I was feeling very decadent having one (one!) sip of red, and OH MY GOD it was good. I’d forgotten how amazing red wine is – that one sip warmed my whole throat, and I was savouring the peppery, berry taste for a good while afterwards. Trust me to be able to sound like an alcoholic when I haven’t had a drink all year. Mr Nester somehow noticed my subtle orgasmic moans at the taste of the wine, and asked if I’d like a glass of the non-alcoholic version I bought a little while ago. My look of disgust nearly sent him scuttling out of the room: “NO I don’t want that crap! WHY would I want that rubbish when I’ve just tasted the heaven that is the real stuff? WHY MR NESTER, WHY???”. So. I’m holding up well with the non-drinking business. Really, I am.

Symptoms-wise, you’ve already read my whinge about my ribs, and now I’m also getting the benefit of the return of indigestion, which starts at about 2:00 each afternoon, and lasts until I go to bed, tasting bile as I try to drift off to sleep. I’ve tried a couple of antacids, and so far Tums is by far the best – it actually fixes it for the rest of the night. I also asked my yoga teacher last night, and she suggested either camomile tea or a capful of apple cider vinegar in warm water, immediately after eating. I tried the camomile tea today, and while I instantly had to pee about 4 times after drinking it, it did the job! Nice to have a natural option, rather than the effective, but gross tasting Tums. I might alternate, depending on how I feel.

I’ll let you know how I go with the glucose test on Friday, and I also have Fathers’ Day on Sunday for Mr Nester – I have a couple of things planned for that lovely man, for our first Fathers’ Day, but he reads this blog, so I can’t tell you until afterwards.

Think of me on Friday while I’m fasting and drinking some disgusting sugar thing,

Jane xx