Pregnancy Week 28

Week: 28

Baby: A cauliflower – might have to cover the baby with cheese this week – I can’t say cauliflower is my favourite vegetable!

What I’m cooking: A little weightlifter! Baby is putting on some muscle this week, and has cracked the kilo barrier – now can I blame my weight gain on her?

Main symptom: Still these freaking ribs. Sneezing, coughing, laughing, stretching, lately it seems even just moving in general is making my ribs hurt. Come on baby, grow OUT, not UP!

What’s on this week: The dreaded Glucose Tolerance Test – I go in on Friday for this wonderful event, followed by a midwife appointment, followed by breakfast out because by then I will totally deserve it.

Week 28 comp

We’re still bumpin’ over here! Somehow I don’t think I’m going to stop saying that each week from now on. Apologies in advance. I’m still not feeling huge, although my joints have an alternate opinion – my hips are getting a little achy in the mornings, and my balance is starting to waver a little. Remind me not to climb up on anything anymore, will you? In an exciting development this week, I had my first seat offer on public transport! Ironically, I was bemoaning to my colleagues how no-one had asked me if I wanted to sit down on the way in to work that morning (and I was wearing my especially pregnanty dress), and then on the way home the clouds parted, the sun shone, and a lovely woman (about my age) offered me her spot on the train. I was so excited! I might have gushed a little too much when thanking her, but it’s so nice to finally be acknowledged as a pregnant lady! All I seem to have received so far is the “but you’re so small! You don’t look xx weeks!”, so it’s nice to have the confirmation that I don’t just look chunky.

I also was a little naughty this week and had a sip of Mr Nester’s red wine. I know the current research shows that 2-3 standard drinks a week is completely fine, but I’m majorly paranoid and have pretty much completely abstained since January. So on Sunday night I was feeling very decadent having one (one!) sip of red, and OH MY GOD it was good. I’d forgotten how amazing red wine is – that one sip warmed my whole throat, and I was savouring the peppery, berry taste for a good while afterwards. Trust me to be able to sound like an alcoholic when I haven’t had a drink all year. Mr Nester somehow noticed my subtle orgasmic moans at the taste of the wine, and asked if I’d like a glass of the non-alcoholic version I bought a little while ago. My look of disgust nearly sent him scuttling out of the room: “NO I don’t want that crap! WHY would I want that rubbish when I’ve just tasted the heaven that is the real stuff? WHY MR NESTER, WHY???”. So. I’m holding up well with the non-drinking business. Really, I am.

Symptoms-wise, you’ve already read my whinge about my ribs, and now I’m also getting the benefit of the return of indigestion, which starts at about 2:00 each afternoon, and lasts until I go to bed, tasting bile as I try to drift off to sleep. I’ve tried a couple of antacids, and so far Tums is by far the best – it actually fixes it for the rest of the night. I also asked my yoga teacher last night, and she suggested either camomile tea or a capful of apple cider vinegar in warm water, immediately after eating. I tried the camomile tea today, and while I instantly had to pee about 4 times after drinking it, it did the job! Nice to have a natural option, rather than the effective, but gross tasting Tums. I might alternate, depending on how I feel.

I’ll let you know how I go with the glucose test on Friday, and I also have Fathers’ Day on Sunday for Mr Nester – I have a couple of things planned for that lovely man, for our first Fathers’ Day, but he reads this blog, so I can’t tell you until afterwards.

Think of me on Friday while I’m fasting and drinking some disgusting sugar thing,

Jane xx

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