Pregnancy Week 32

Week: 32

Baby: A winter squash – pumpkin baby! Now we’re getting into the really big veggies. Grub weighs nearly two kilos this week! No wonder those scales keep on climbing…

What I’m cooking: An all seeing, all hearing, touching, tasting and smelling baby! Grub’s using all of her senses now to understand her uterine world, which is becoming cosier by the minute! Grub should be pretty much set in the foetal position now, as she doesn’t have enough room to stretch out anymore.

Main symptom: General tiredness – amazingly, all my hayfever and rib pain symptoms have eased up (thank goodness for holidays!), so my only symptom at the moment is wanting to sit down a lot. Great for my rest and relaxation, not great for my to do list.

What’s on this week: More holidays! Another week of rest and relaxation, combined with frantic cleaning and organisation, before I’m back at work for the final 5 weeks. It’s getting seriously real now!

Week 32 comp

Another week, another midwife appointment. Now that we’re getting to the pointy end of the pregnancy, the frequency of the hospital appointments picks up quite dramatically. I’m now booked in every two weeks, which is great for being able to hear Grub’s heartbeat and know that everything is ok, but I keep expecting each appointment to have something distinct that needs testing/checking, whereas they all seem to be the blood pressure, fundal height and heartbeat. Fine by me, it’s lovely hearing Grub’s heart beating away nice and strong, even while she’s squirming away in there!

I had a day of nesting yesterday, meaning I went hell for leather cleaning out sections of our house. There’s still quite a bit to do in that sense, but it’s more of a need for a general tidy up rather than an enormous spring clean. I pretty much scrubbed our bedroom from top to bottom yesterday, wiping down all the surfaces (that were hideously caked with dust…housewife extraordinaire I am not!), cleaning the window, dusting, tidying, decluttering. We also swapped sides on the bed, as I want to be nearer to the bassinette and the door for when we bring junior home. On top of that, I cleaned out our entry area in our house, reorganising the storage there and getting rid of the rubbish so we have room to store the pram – it’s been sitting in the nursery since we bought it, and having to wheel it through our beige-carpeted house after it’s been outside does not seem ideal to me. So, more cleaning!

Today was meant to be a work day, time for me to get ahead for the next 5 weeks at school, but I just can’t bring myself to get off the couch at the moment, so it might just have to wait. I still have a few days before I’m back into the swing of school, so hopefully inspiration will strike sometime between now and then. Either way, the work always gets done, so I’m not too concerned.

Otherwise, I have my baby shower this weekend, which I’m very excited about – I have no idea what’s happening on the day, as my friends are organising it for me, but I’m planning on giving the house a once-over before then as well, so my friends don’t see what a grot I really am! It should be a fun day, and it’ll be lovely to see everyone before I get too whale-like.

In terms of my to do list from last week, we’re looking a little better, but still a little way to go:

  • clean out the built in robe in the nursery close enough!
  • hang pictures in the nursery
  • wipe down/clean out our bedroom done! I’m still tasting the dust!
  • check second hand nappies for elastic slackening I found 6 that needed the leg elastics replaced
  • replace elastics in nappies where needed nearly! 2 to go.
  • buy car seat
  • buy nappy bag
  • start on wedding present for a friend (artwork…eeek!)
  • check out other daycare centre close by
  • start making freezer meals
  • organise hard rubbish collection
  • put away baby clothes
  • organise carpets to be steam cleaned
  • get car serviced
  • start on student reports for school started, not finished…

So, all in all not too bad. Managing to get quite a lot of these done, as well as have a break, has made for a pretty good balance these holidays. I’m hoping I’m not too wiped out in the next 5 weeks, and then in the two weeks maternity leave after that, to get more done.

Lucky last, I started packing my hospital bag today. I haven’t really bothered with any of my clothes, as I’ll still be wearing them up until fairly close to labour, but I’ve put in the recommended amount of baby stuff – bloody hell! I’m only there for 2 nights, and yet I seem to need enough outfits to last about 2 weeks. I’m a little concerned as to what my washing pile will be looking like if this is the required standard! Maybe I should go and buy some more…

Jane xx


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