Pregnancy Week 35

Week: 35

Baby: Silverbeet – now we’re getting somewhere with the length! I feel constantly full at the moment, there’s really not much more room for Grub to grow…

What I’m cooking: Still developing the pudge as much as possible, this is pretty much all that’s left for Grub to do – she’s nearly ready for the outside world!

Main symptom: Still the achy hips, still the sore lower back, and more of the cramps. I’m just getting somewhat walrus like – slow, ambling, and averse to any kind of movement. I love love love my couch.

What’s on this week: Still on the work countdown – no appointments, but just trying to wrap as much up as possible in case I pop early! Mr Nester and I are off to the city for a day out this weekend, to have a bit of a last hurrah before everything baby hits!

Week 35 comp

I’m getting progressively slower. I also have a serious case of the can’t-be-fuckeds. Work just seems so unimportant at the moment, especially knowing that I could go into labour at any time. I’m really, really hanging out for maternity leave now, and kind of wishing that I had organised to finish up sooner. I just want to be at home, getting everything prepared and taking it as easy as possible.

I was clever enough last weekend to cook up a huge batch of dinners for the next couple of weeks, so that has taken the pressure off somewhat. My main problem is that I’m running out of freezer space! We only have a little freezer on top of the fridge, so fitting a month’s worth of meals into it just isn’t feasible. I’m very tempted to buy a little bar size freezer to stock up, as I figure it’ll also come in handy when Grub starts eating solids, and I can batch cook and freeze her food. We’ll see. I need to find somewhere to put the freezer first!

I’ve done a little more shopping, and have also been gifted an insane amount of hand-me-down clothes, which is awesome, but I’m a little concerned that Grub isn’t going to have enough outfit changes to get through them all! It’s a little crazy! I ended up buying another carrier, as mentioned recently – the Manduca. I managed to find a fantastic Facebook group that does a buy/sell/trade set up for all types of carriers – I had no idea there were so many! And some are so ridiculously expensive! I managed to get myself a bargain with the Manduca – about half the retail price, and it looks like it’s in great condition. It should arrive next week, so I’ll update you once it comes through.

I’m also trying to restrain myself from buying yet more nappies, as I’ve also found a Facebook MCN (Modern Cloth Nappies) group, that again has some great bargains. Trying to restrain myself, failing pretty badly!

Ah well. Only 3 weeks of work left, including this week! (I’m writing this blog waaaaay late, so now it’s only 2 weeks left! Hurray!).

Yours in walrusness,

Jane xx

Pregnancy Week 34

Week: 34

Baby: A honeydew melon – I’m guessing this one is weight, not size, as I’m feeling closer to a watermelon in the belly compartment!

What I’m cooking: A rapidly increasing baby! Grub is putting on about 250g a week now (1/2 a pound), so the weight gain is really starting to focus itself on my middle…looks like I’ll be doing some waddling pretty soon…

Main symptom: Mildly itchy eyes again this week, but mainly the start of what I’m assuming are Braxton Hicks, or similar – very light menstrual cramps, and achy hips and lower back.

What’s on this week: Another hospital appointment, and my first week of work in the standard maternity leave period – it’s going to get harder and harder to stay working now when I know I could finish at any time!

Week 34 comp

Well don’t I look incredibly pregnant at the moment! I’m a little shocked at the progression pic this week, as I seem to have ballooned overnight. I’m also feeling like my belly is a lot heavier at the moment, and pretty much as soon as I stand up I feel the need to pee – Grub is making use of the cushions available to her!

I was off to see the midwife again for another check up, where she asked me for my urine test result (??) – I told her I’d never been asked for this yet, and she seemed very surprised. Turns out I’m meant to be peeing on a stick and reporting the colour every time I go for an appointment, which I’m sure no-one has told me (or if they have I forgot it instantly!). Ah well, no matter – as long as I do it from now on I should be fine. I also got my whooping cough vaccination this week (as a multi shot, with tetanus and diphtheria thrown in for free) – this is an important one, as newborn babies can’t be vaccinated against whooping cough for the first few weeks, and it can be a scarily serious problem if they contract it in that time. By me having the vaccine in the 3rd trimester, I can provide antibodies to Grub while she’s still in utero, which provides her with some protection until she can get her own shot. It’s nice to know I’m doing what I can to help her out, even before she springs into the world.

Speaking of springing, I’ve had an uneasy feeling all week that this little bub is going to make her entrance before time – I still have quite a lot to do at work before I can let things go over to other people, so this week I’ve been a little frantic in trying to get a few loose ends tied up, just in case. It might be due to the fact that I’ve developed these little cramps on and off (although that may just be a bit of dehydration from the hot weather), and also that I feel very heavily pregnant at the moment – she’s starting to feel like she’s going to fall out of me sometime soon. I’m also somewhat at risk of a pre-term labour – I was born 6 weeks early, and that can apparently be an indicator of giving birth early. Also, the fact that we conceived using IVF can be another risk factor – for some reason over 55% of IVF pregnancies result in a birth prior to the due date. So, in short, eeek!

Otherwise, I’m counting down to the end of work (3 weeks left!!), and to the complete transformation of life as we know it. I’m swinging between being ridiculously excited, utterly terrified, and just a little overwhelmed, and sometimes all three at once!

Next week brings more of the same, with hopefully a few more work things organised…just in case. I also have a few online purchases that should be arriving soon, which I’ll show you when they rock up on my doorstep. Exciting!

Jane xx

Pregnancy Week 33

Week: 33

Baby: A pineapple.

What I’m cooking: A baby ready to breathe! This week Grub’s lungs have pretty much fully developed, which means that if she was born now she shouldn’t need any breathing assistance. Great news!

Main symptom: A sore butt! After all the whinging from the last few weeks, this is a pretty minor complaint, but I think the combination of extra weight in my abdomen and general looseness of my joints has contributed to a seriously sore behind – I can’t sit on a normal chair for more than about 20 minutes without being in some pretty hefty levels of uncomfortableness (definitely a word). Armchairs and couches are my best friends at the moment…oh, any my bed of course. I’m having a bit of a love affair with my bed.

What’s on this week: Back to work (waaah!), but with the sweetener of my baby shower on Saturday, and knowing I only have 5 weeks until I’m on the seemingly endless stretch of maternity leave.

Week 33 comp
Sorry about the delay in posting – the first week back at work completely wiped me out, especially as I didn’t get around to getting any work done in the holidays! It’s back to full speed ahead, and unfortunately also an increase in symptoms. My itchy eyes have returned, not as bad as last time but I’m trying to keep on top of it to prevent my near insanity last time. I was also completely spoilt last week with my baby shower – saved for a separate post.
This week has been all about trying to juggle the return to work, along with increasing tiredness of being, well, pretty bloody pregnant! We had our last prenatal class this week as well, which had a lovely section on bonding with a newborn – I had no idea the amount that brand new babies try to communicate, as I’ve pretty much been told by all and sundry that they’re a blob until about 6 weeks! The video we watched showed a 4 hour old baby, and pointed out they’re attempts to connect with their parents, including:

  • Making intense eye contact for short amounts of time (the get overwhelmed after a few minutes!)
  • Reaching towards whoever they’re looking at (this increases as they get older)
  • Turning towards the sound of your voice (again, more developed after a few weeks)
  • Mouthing when you talk to mimic your movements – more of a 2 month old thing.

I was amazed at how beautiful the connection was between mother/father and the baby, so early on. I think if I can look out for those moments, it will go a long way to helping connect with Grub in the early days.

I was also back at yoga this week, where I promptly fell asleep in the relaxation and had to be nudged to wake up. Embarrassing, but I was so relaxed I didn’t care! I’m at the top end of the group now, with only one other woman further ahead than me at 38 weeks – seems it’ll be my turn soon!

In the shopping world, I’ve splashed out and bought a wrap for carrying Grub when she arrives. I had my heart set on a structured carrier, and had decided on the Manduca, but I’ve slightly changed my mind to get an interim wrap, which is more suitable for a newborn, and more lightweight. I’ve gone for a Hug-a-bub wrap, which is basically a great long piece of fabric that you tie in a really quite complicated way, that creates a lovely carrier for Grub. It looks a little daunting, but I’ve been assured once I have a go a few times I’ll get the hang of it. It’s also great for a newborn, as it allows them to be as close as possible to you, with a lot of support. These are the Manduca, and Hug-a-bub:

The Manduca carrier

The Hug-a-bub

See what I mean about the closeness in the Hug-a-bub? Hopefully I can watch the tutorial videos without throwing the thing across the room, which will give me a much better chance at actually using it! In purchasing this one, I’ve stumbled upon Facebook as a second-hand selling site – I had no idea! The amount of Buy/Swap/Sell pages that are specifically for baby carriers, or cloth nappies, or similar, are amazing! Plus you can get a much better deal through these than buying on eBay. So, being the bargain hunter I am, I bought the Hug-a-bub through Facebook, at around half the retail price. Score!

Next week brings more of the same – more work, another midwife appointment, and more of me trying to restrain myself from buying everything in every shop known to man! The internet is a dangerous place!

Jane xx