Pregnancy Week 34

Week: 34

Baby: A honeydew melon – I’m guessing this one is weight, not size, as I’m feeling closer to a watermelon in the belly compartment!

What I’m cooking: A rapidly increasing baby! Grub is putting on about 250g a week now (1/2 a pound), so the weight gain is really starting to focus itself on my middle…looks like I’ll be doing some waddling pretty soon…

Main symptom: Mildly itchy eyes again this week, but mainly the start of what I’m assuming are Braxton Hicks, or similar – very light menstrual cramps, and achy hips and lower back.

What’s on this week: Another hospital appointment, and my first week of work in the standard maternity leave period – it’s going to get harder and harder to stay working now when I know I could finish at any time!

Week 34 comp

Well don’t I look incredibly pregnant at the moment! I’m a little shocked at the progression pic this week, as I seem to have ballooned overnight. I’m also feeling like my belly is a lot heavier at the moment, and pretty much as soon as I stand up I feel the need to pee – Grub is making use of the cushions available to her!

I was off to see the midwife again for another check up, where she asked me for my urine test result (??) – I told her I’d never been asked for this yet, and she seemed very surprised. Turns out I’m meant to be peeing on a stick and reporting the colour every time I go for an appointment, which I’m sure no-one has told me (or if they have I forgot it instantly!). Ah well, no matter – as long as I do it from now on I should be fine. I also got my whooping cough vaccination this week (as a multi shot, with tetanus and diphtheria thrown in for free) – this is an important one, as newborn babies can’t be vaccinated against whooping cough for the first few weeks, and it can be a scarily serious problem if they contract it in that time. By me having the vaccine in the 3rd trimester, I can provide antibodies to Grub while she’s still in utero, which provides her with some protection until she can get her own shot. It’s nice to know I’m doing what I can to help her out, even before she springs into the world.

Speaking of springing, I’ve had an uneasy feeling all week that this little bub is going to make her entrance before time – I still have quite a lot to do at work before I can let things go over to other people, so this week I’ve been a little frantic in trying to get a few loose ends tied up, just in case. It might be due to the fact that I’ve developed these little cramps on and off (although that may just be a bit of dehydration from the hot weather), and also that I feel very heavily pregnant at the moment – she’s starting to feel like she’s going to fall out of me sometime soon. I’m also somewhat at risk of a pre-term labour – I was born 6 weeks early, and that can apparently be an indicator of giving birth early. Also, the fact that we conceived using IVF can be another risk factor – for some reason over 55% of IVF pregnancies result in a birth prior to the due date. So, in short, eeek!

Otherwise, I’m counting down to the end of work (3 weeks left!!), and to the complete transformation of life as we know it. I’m swinging between being ridiculously excited, utterly terrified, and just a little overwhelmed, and sometimes all three at once!

Next week brings more of the same, with hopefully a few more work things organised…just in case. I also have a few online purchases that should be arriving soon, which I’ll show you when they rock up on my doorstep. Exciting!

Jane xx

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Week 34

  1. g2the4thpower says:

    Interesting about the prematurity stats. I didn’t know about the ivf one. Makes me wonder why doctors wouldn’t prescribe progesterone to all ivf patients for at least a bit of prevention. My daughter was 4.5 weeks early, and so were me & my brother, roughly, so I tend to agree with that genetics stat. I’m kinda hoping dd#2 will be a few weeks early despite me being on progesterone this time, because I got to avoid the uncomfortable stage and she was perfectly healthy.

    • Jane says:

      Oh how interesting, yes I’m not too bothered if she comes a little early, but I’d like at least another week or so to get everything sorted!

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