Pregnancy Week 35

Week: 35

Baby: Silverbeet – now we’re getting somewhere with the length! I feel constantly full at the moment, there’s really not much more room for Grub to grow…

What I’m cooking: Still developing the pudge as much as possible, this is pretty much all that’s left for Grub to do – she’s nearly ready for the outside world!

Main symptom: Still the achy hips, still the sore lower back, and more of the cramps. I’m just getting somewhat walrus like – slow, ambling, and averse to any kind of movement. I love love love my couch.

What’s on this week: Still on the work countdown – no appointments, but just trying to wrap as much up as possible in case I pop early! Mr Nester and I are off to the city for a day out this weekend, to have a bit of a last hurrah before everything baby hits!

Week 35 comp

I’m getting progressively slower. I also have a serious case of the can’t-be-fuckeds. Work just seems so unimportant at the moment, especially knowing that I could go into labour at any time. I’m really, really hanging out for maternity leave now, and kind of wishing that I had organised to finish up sooner. I just want to be at home, getting everything prepared and taking it as easy as possible.

I was clever enough last weekend to cook up a huge batch of dinners for the next couple of weeks, so that has taken the pressure off somewhat. My main problem is that I’m running out of freezer space! We only have a little freezer on top of the fridge, so fitting a month’s worth of meals into it just isn’t feasible. I’m very tempted to buy a little bar size freezer to stock up, as I figure it’ll also come in handy when Grub starts eating solids, and I can batch cook and freeze her food. We’ll see. I need to find somewhere to put the freezer first!

I’ve done a little more shopping, and have also been gifted an insane amount of hand-me-down clothes, which is awesome, but I’m a little concerned that Grub isn’t going to have enough outfit changes to get through them all! It’s a little crazy! I ended up buying another carrier, as mentioned recently – the Manduca. I managed to find a fantastic Facebook group that does a buy/sell/trade set up for all types of carriers – I had no idea there were so many! And some are so ridiculously expensive! I managed to get myself a bargain with the Manduca – about half the retail price, and it looks like it’s in great condition. It should arrive next week, so I’ll update you once it comes through.

I’m also trying to restrain myself from buying yet more nappies, as I’ve also found a Facebook MCN (Modern Cloth Nappies) group, that again has some great bargains. Trying to restrain myself, failing pretty badly!

Ah well. Only 3 weeks of work left, including this week! (I’m writing this blog waaaaay late, so now it’s only 2 weeks left! Hurray!).

Yours in walrusness,

Jane xx

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