This post should have been my 40 week pregnancy update, but I didn’t quite get there in time! At 39 weeks and 5 days, my water broke. Early the next morning, my little girl arrived into the world! I’ll cover the details of the birth in a separate post, but suffice to say it was fast and furious, with a total of 3.5hrs from start to finish!

We’re now at day 5 of our little Baby Bird’s life (I’ll call her Birdie on this blog) and what a week it’s been! I had two full days in hospital, where Birdie learnt how to feed and sleep, and I learnt how to eat while holding a baby, pee as quickly as possible, and how to survive on quick chunks of sleep in the small hours. Birdie passed all of her checks with flying colours, and so after the two days had past we were allowed to go home, this time as a family of 3.

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind, but Birdie’s been incredible throughout. We’re now on Day 5, and she feeds amazingly well, sleeps for long stretches, and is a delight 24/7.

The only issue I’ve had has been some soreness in recovering from the birth, and some issues with breastfeeding. I’ve been getting quite frustrated at the “if it hurts, you’re doing it wrong” line that so many books and guides parrot. Every midwife and nurse has said how well Birdie is latching, and that it looks exactly as it should. And yet, I have grazed, cracked nipples that cause a substantial amount of pain when Birdie feeds. I put it down to two things: on Birdie’s first night, she cluster fed back to back from 10pm until 5am, without a break. Regardless of how well she latches, the intensity of usage on my poor nipples left its mark. Secondly, the milk came in two days ago, and my god did it come in! My boobs were like boulders, and felt like they’d been hit by them as well. They were so swollen, Birdie struggled to latch on properly, and so my tender nipples worsened. Thankfully, one is recovering well, while the other is getting a day’s break, thanks to a breast pump. For those of you reading this, dreading the same outcome, I can tell you that it is improving, and it’s so worth it. I’ve been using a range of products and techniques to help with the healing, and if you’re interested, they are:

  • Lansinoh ointment – a lanolin gel that coats the nipple and protects it, while also helping it heal. This stuff is awesome. Buy big tubes of it
  • Multi Mums compresses – expensive, but fantastic. Soothing, cool and a great barrier between sore nipples and clothes
  • Hand expressing – just to relieve the pressure. Feels weird, but it works
  • Warm showers – just because. They help to reduce the pain and swelling prior to feeding

There are a few more things I’ve been doing, but those have had the most impact.

Anyway, I’m getting lost in the details of breastfeeding, when this post was meant to be an introduction to my gorgeous girl. She really is perfect, in my eyes, and all I want to do each day is make sure she’s ok.

This is Birdie and I, in her first week in the world. I couldn’t love her more.

Week 1
Jane xx

7 thoughts on “Introducing…

    • Jane says:

      Thank you – I certainly think so! 🙂 I’m actually really enjoying the breastfeeding apart from the initial pain, I can’t wait until I’ve toughened up a bit!

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