Baby B: the second & third months

Here we are, almost at 3 months, and I’m still falling way behind with the blog posts. It’s amazing at just how hard it is to get things done when you have a baby! I mean, obviously I knew there would be tricky moments, but the oddest realisation in having Baby B has been that I can’t put her down! When she’s sleeping, no problem, she’s in her bed and out to the world. She hasn’t been much of a fan of daytime sleeps though, unless they’re on me, so again it gets difficult to do anything when you’re stuck on the couch with a sleeping baby sprawled over you.  

my current view as I’m typing this…

The last thing you want to do is move, as she might wake up. So you stay. And stay. And stay. And then suddenly it’s 5:00pm and you haven’t done anything you planned. That has basically been my life for the last 3 months!

Not saying it’s all bad – on the contrary, a lot of the time I don’t want to move because B is so peaceful, and I’m enjoying the moment. But sometimes I just want to sit on my own for a minute, or cook dinner, or clean up (who’d have thought it??). Making peace with my lack of mobility has been a big part of the second and third months of B’s life. 

In terms of her development, she’s now smiling!! Not just “about to poo” smiles either – full on grins, with the occasional giggle as well. B breaks into beaming grins pretty much after every nap, and these last until she starts to head toward tired-town again, usually about 30 minutes later. I live for those smiles, they melt me into puddles every time. 

We’ve also been experiencing some developmental growth spurts, which have been…interesting. There’s a book and app called Wonder Weeks, which I highly recommend. Basically some scientific types have looked into babies’ development of their understanding of the world around them, and have noticed that there seem to be certain weeks where this development occurs. For that week, they’re suddenly needy, cry easily, sleep badly, and are just cranky little beings. It couldn’t be more accurate for us: B is in the midst of her third growth week, and her 7-8 hour sleep stretch (I know!!) has just dropped to 4-5 hours, she’s screaming the house down from about 4pm, fighting naps like nobody’s business, and wants to be on us 24/7. I’m looking forward to the end of the week when she’ll return to her gorgeous, easygoing self. That said, it’s fascinating to read what she’s experiencing, and how she’s developing through each of these. 

In terms of B’s abilities, we’re having a lot more luck with tummy time – she hated it with a passion from the beginning, and would basically just scream face-down into the mat until we picked her up again. One of the women from my mothers’ group suggested doing tummy time on the change table (higher up, and easy to remember as it’s after every change), and within a week B was lifting her head up like a champion. She’s still behind some babies in the group (I’ve learnt there’ll always be a baby who seems weeks ahead of yours!), but she’s getting there. I’ve decided it must be because she has such a big brain – harder to hold up. Makes sense, right?

Otherwise, we seem to be settling into our days together, and each new trick makes for lovely moments and deeper connections – B now makes strong eye contact, reacts to us smiling at her, gurgles and “talks” to us, and has started grasping at toys. She’s also heading towards rolling – she can get herself onto her side, starting from lying on her back, but she can’t quite work out how to get her arm out of the way so she can roll to her tummy. I’m looking forward to seeing that moment!

In general, we’re doing really well. B is still a delight, and developing more personality by the day. That and more weight! She’s over 6kg now (13lb 7oz) – that was 2 weeks ago! Suffice to say my arm muscles are improving enormously!

Until I’m trapped by a sleeping baby again,

 Jane xx

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