Here we go again

I’m in the thick of IVF round 2 – I’ve had injections for the last week and a half, and had my second ultrasound this morning.

Everything’s looking great so far, I have 13 follicles all ready to go, so I’ll be taking a trigger shot tonight, ready for egg retrieval on Wednesday morning!

I forgot how fast everything moves with IVF – two weeks of chaos followed by two weeks of agonising waiting.

I’m really hoping we get a better result in regards to eggs retrieved – last time we had 15 follicles, but only 7 eggs. Only 5 of those fertilised, so it was a pretty steep drop off. My fertility specialist has said that this time around the sizes are much better – all 13 are between 17-22mm, whereas last time I only had 8 at that size.

We shall see, last injections tonight (thank god, I’m very much over being stabbed in the stomach twice a night).

I’ll update you as soon as I know how it’s gone, be prepared for a woozy post on Wednesday afternoon!

Jane xx

Screw it

I wasn’t going to post while all this was happening, as some of you who read this know me in the real world, but fuck it. Blogging helped hugely the last time, so why not give it another bash?

We decided a while ago that we were ready for number 2. Miss B is almost 2 herself, and we thought that might be a good age gap. So, 10 months ago now, we started trying again. All up, we had 8 months of regular trying, which was interrupted earlier in the year with me having to get my gall bladder removed. Note to readers: if you’re getting horrible pain and tightness across your chest for hours at a time, it might just be your gallbladder. Get the bloody thing out. 

Anyway. Off track already. Oops. We decided last month that enough was enough, the natural attempt to fall pregnant wasn’t working, and didn’t we have an embryo frozen for just this reason? A good quality one too – blastocyst, grade 5BA. Perfect! Let’s just do that. 

So. We were all teed up to do a transfer this month. It was a natural FET (frozen embryo transfer), so I wasn’t on any drugs, just tracking ovulation. 

Had a phone call from the embryologist the night before, the embryo has been defrosted and would be in the incubator overnight, ready for transfer in the morning. 

Day of transfer (yesterday), I got up nice and early and made the hour trip into the city to the clinic. A fairly uneventful drive apart form the last 10 minutes, which is navigating busy roads and awkward turns through the city. That’s when the fertility specialist called. I was 5 minutes from the clinic when she rang to tell me that the embryo hadn’t survived the night. 

Not quite sure how I managed to still reach the clinic, I was streaming tears and couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing, but somehow I arrived. I’d told the specialist that I wanted to talk to her about next cycle, so she kindly said she’d hang around for me (yesterday also happened to be a public holiday).

Long chat cut short, we’ve decided to try the whole IVF thing again. Back to the drawing board, so to speak. Thankfully we’re in a position to be able to roll straight into the new cycle, both time and money are currently on our side (well, still working out the money thing, but we’ll make it happen somehow).

So here we are again. Back into fertility treatment land. Thanks for sticking with me through my extreme absences on the blog – I’m hoping to be just as thrilling this time around, hopefully with an equally positive outcome. 

Hold on to your butts,

Jane xx