Here we go again

I’m in the thick of IVF round 2 – I’ve had injections for the last week and a half, and had my second ultrasound this morning.

Everything’s looking great so far, I have 13 follicles all ready to go, so I’ll be taking a trigger shot tonight, ready for egg retrieval on Wednesday morning!

I forgot how fast everything moves with IVF – two weeks of chaos followed by two weeks of agonising waiting.

I’m really hoping we get a better result in regards to eggs retrieved – last time we had 15 follicles, but only 7 eggs. Only 5 of those fertilised, so it was a pretty steep drop off. My fertility specialist has said that this time around the sizes are much better – all 13 are between 17-22mm, whereas last time I only had 8 at that size.

We shall see, last injections tonight (thank god, I’m very much over being stabbed in the stomach twice a night).

I’ll update you as soon as I know how it’s gone, be prepared for a woozy post on Wednesday afternoon!

Jane xx


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