Catching you up

Well that didn’t work, did it? It’s been nearly a year since my last post, and all I can say is kids keep you very, very busy!

Baby B is now Toddler B, all 16 months of her, and we have a walking, talking destruction machine! Our skills at baby proofing the house have had to step waaaay up as she manages to get into pretty much everything unless it’s locked tight!

She started sort of walking around 10-11 months – a couple of steps here and there, but it wasn’t until probably about 13 months that she really took off. Now there’s no stopping her, and we’re heading closer and closer to running. I think the biggest thing you learn about babies walking is that they suddenly injure themselves a hell of a lot more than they used to! Little miss bumps and bruises. 

In terms of talking, we had “boo” from about 10 months, but it’s only been in the last few weeks that any other real words have kicked in. Within the space of about a week we had “uh oh”, “ta” (pronounced da!) and bye bye. So looking forward to seeing her progression with speaking, it’s ridiculously cute at the moment!

The other big news of the past 12 months is we bought a house! No, we didn’t suddenly find a small fortune to be able to buy in Melbourne, so we left! Not far, we’ve made a bit of a lifestyle change and headed to Geelong, which is about an hour’s drive from Melbourne, right next to the Great Ocean Road. Hello seachange! 

With property prices being what they are at the moment, and our wish list for a house being quite a bit more substantial than the 2br unit we could afford in the outskirts of Melbourne, it was a bit of a no-brainer. We bought ourselves a 3br, 2 bath house on a decent block of land in Geelong, where we’re 10 minutes from the foreshore and 15 minutes from Torquay. It’s pretty ideal!

The house itself was in original condition apart from an added dishwasher – it’s an exceedingly ugly orange brick veneer house, but it’s generous with room sizes and had a good layout. We’re slowly but surely changing, refreshing and updating. 

So really, that’s been my main focus other than B. Chances are this blog might head off more into the reno territory rather than solely baby stuff, but it might mean I’m back on here more often!

Thanks for sticking around, and I hope you enjoy the upcoming home posts!

Jane xx


There’s nothing better. This picture basically sums up how they’ve been so far:

Of course I’ve been a little busier than this, but this part is the most important. 

Jane xx

New Blog Theme!

a very quick note to mention the change of blog design – I felt I needed to give the site a bit of a boost, as I’m actually posting regularly now! So, new theme and new custom header, and it only took me an entire morning! Win. 

What’s been happening in my world

Hello lovelies, and my humble apologies at the delay in writing. It has been almost three months since I last blogged, and there’s been quite a lot on in that time. In my last post, I spoke about seeing the doctor regarding IVF, and I will give you an update on that in the next post (no posts for 3 months, then 2 in one day? That’s me!). I wanted to give you the very happy news that my husband is technically now cancer free.

After 6 weeks of chemo and radiotherapy (the worst of which was the week after they both finished, go figure), Mr Nester and I had a gorgeous 9-10 weeks of no treatment, before he was booked into surgery at the start of last week. They cut out a significant section of his lower bowel, including the entirety of the tumor, and connected what remained back up. The labs have come back showing no sign of cancer anywhere else in his body, and also that there is now no longer any involvement of the lymph nodes. It seems the chemo and radio did the trick, and this is the best possible news we could have hoped for.

So he is resting and recovering, and I am playing nurse. The timing for his surgery was an interesting one, as we had originally planned to start IVF this month. The start date happened to fall on the exact day Mr Nester was going in for surgery, and as such we thought it might be too stressful, so we would push it back another month. Boy am I glad we did! Last week has been the biggest week of my life, firstly worried stupid for 10 hours while Mr Nester was either in the patient-only waiting room, under the knife or in recovery, and then spending 12 hours a day for the whole week staying by his side so he wouldn’t feel alone, lonely, or bored. Thankfully I brought my trusty laptop with trusty TV shows and movies, which kept us sane.

It has been a crazy few months since we found out Mr Nester had bowel cancer, but I can now say with huge happiness and relief that the treatment has worked, and he is now free of the cancer that was threatening his life. There is still a way to go yet, with a second bout of chemo as a precaution, and getting back to his regular self after surgery, but all that seems like a walk in the park after what we’ve dealt with.

And so, we look forward, and towards what we were originally hoping for – starting a family. Who’d have thought that the “Nestability” portion of this blog’s title would be so apt? IVF journey up next,

Jane xx

Sick as a dog

We’ve had quite a sick puppy this weekend, due to a bit of a gunky ear turning into a full blown infection. We’d noticed it earlier in the week, and hoped it would go away – mainly as we’re a week or so away from our pet insurance being available. However, poor old Dog went off his food on Friday, and barely moved from the couch on Saturday. We’ve booked him in to get checked out on Monday, but the last couple of days have given me an insight into the turmoil of a sick child. In no particular order:

The fear: seeing Dog withdrawn and not eating made me obsessively focused on his well being. Watching to make sure he was breathing, lying motionless next to him so as not to wake him, tempting him with his favourite treats in order to encourage some sort of eating. Thankfully we realised that his sore ear was making it painful for him to eat dry food, so a quick trip to the shop for doggy meatballs resulted in a feeding frenzy, and a much happier dog.

The guilt: hoping late last week that he would get better (or not get worse) until the cover kicked in was swimming through my head yesterday, when he was quite obviously worse. The fact that I’d tried to dismiss his symptoms for a few hundred dollars (he needs sedating to be treated) made me ashamed of myself. Me, who has always kept to the mantra that money is only money, ignoring our new family member’s illness in the hope it would magically disappear.

The neediness: both of Dog and of me. He hasn’t wanted to be more than a few centimetres away from me for the last two days, and I’ve been hovering over him like the worst helicopter parent. Mr Nester & I nearly came to blows last night (slight exaggeration…) over me wanting to let Dog sleep on the bed – a no-go so far. The brave Mr Nester stayed strong, and I relented after a waterfall of whining. He was of course right, but I couldn’t bear to see the pleading eyes of Dog in his vulnerable state.

We’re checking Dog in tomorrow, and I’m sure he’ll be completely fine after some ear drops & TLC, however this weekend has shown me that I’m not as unmoving as I thought, when it comes to babies (fur or no!).

Jane xx



Dog is, thankfully, completely fine. He had a thoroughly blocked ear, which was treated with a lot of ear drops (not Dog’s favourite thing, apparently!). He’s all better now, and back to happy chomping up my shoes.

Fur babies

In my hiatus from baby-obsession, I have done what any sane, non-baby-obsessed person would do. Yes, you’re quite right. I focused on my career and built my investment portfolio bought a dog.

We are now the proud parents of two fur babies: our all-knowing eldest, 5 year old Cat, and the newly adopted, 1 year old cavoodle Dog. He was your usual heartstring-tugger. Abandoned by his owner, left in the vague care of the leftover housemates, he was overgrown, unloved, and un-cared for. Our little Dog came to us in need of our obsessive love for him, and boy did he get it. Within 2 hours of adopting him, he was clean and shiny, trimmed with a new collar, new premium food and waaaay too many toys.

Anyways, if you can’t tell, we love him. He is the sweetest natured being, only wants to be loved and be near you (can you tell I’m new to dogs?), and the best part is I haven’t completely ruined Cat’s life with the new addition. Sure, he chases her like crazy, but she kind of loves it. And though he pees on the carpet and chews my shoes when I’m not watching (and in one horrific incident, was found avidly licking my used undies…ew.).

Still, a lovely addition to our family, and he will be a great companion for our future brood. I’m already envisioning walks with Dog and Baby, smiling contentedly while sipping a latte. Living in dreamland, aren’t I?

Just to show you how beautiful he is, here is a picture of my new fur baby, Dog. I challenge you not to love his cute little face.


Beginning the parenting “journey”

Where to start? Well, I took my multivitamins this week. Yep. That’s where I’m at. You can already tell a fair bit about me by that statement. Am I pregnant? No. Do I have a baby? No. Am I trying for one? Not yet. Ridiculous, right? Let me explain.

My aim here is to document all the highs and lows of pregnancy and parenthood, from the very first twinkle in the eye. Today is Wednesday. On Monday, I saw my lovely GP about what I need to do to get started on the whole family thing. I had some blood tests, blushed and looked at the ground when he asked what contraception I was using (then whispered “condoms!” and felt like giggling…), and told me to start taking multivitamins. The proper pink packet ones. I of course had already researched prenatal vitamins, and was pretty set on my selected option (sure, money played a large factor, but seriously Elevit, DOUBLE the price of Blackmores? What are you made of, diamonds?). Thankfully my Dr was happy with either choice, and so on Monday night I dramatically gulped down two capsules, stared into the middle distance and declared: “oooh! Vanilla-ey!”.

So there you have it. This post is the beginning of my journey. I don’t want to ramble on and bore you to tears (that’s for later posts!), so this is just a teaser of the fascinating drivel that’s to come. Hopefully this blog connects to some who are in the same situation as me, some who have been through the rollercoaster already, and others who just can’t get enough of suburban non-drama!

Until next time,

Jane Nester (so obviously my real name…) xx